Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Valentines Breakfast Picnic with Eugene!

It's the month when everything turns mushy and pink and is supposedly filled with romance... I am trying so hard not to pull faces here as I say this, but as with all of the holidays it seems like SL becomes full of all things pink and cutesy. Don't get me wrong, if you love that kinda stuff anyway then it's awesome, but I just don't really like the faceful of fake romance... Love - and romance - should be every day things, not just once a year right? 
I know that I get right into the Christmas and Halloween Spirit and blog them for a month over their festive seasons, but Valentine's I won't be doing that much for... Sorry to the people that love it... Maybe something dead perhaps?! Though I did want to throw one very cutesy post out there, and it's more for the stuff in it than the holiday hehe. 
I went on a Breakfast Picnic Date with the cutest, shyest man-bear called Eugene this morning! 
I am only on this romantic date for the food, although the company is also good - thanks Eugene hehe, yes he is a Boogers Bear but he was definitely a handsome date choice! 
The Picnic area was decorated with Half-Deer Fairylight Balloons and a scattering of hearts from Tool Shed, but it was the food that really drew me in... YES I know I said that before, but I have food on the brain and nothing else is working! 
Eugene had brought two types of foods... The Breakfasty and the Sweet... 
Breakfast is all about love and cholesterol - provided by nefarious.inventions at The Gacha Garden - and it really lives up to it's name. Bacon & Eggs in little heart shapes, Waffles in little heart shapes, a stack of Pancakes dripping with pink gooey icing, Chocolate Muffins & Strawberry Milk, I think the only healthy thing available is the Fruit option, but I bet even that is slathered with sugar!
Then on to the Candy Stuffs, Eugene picked this up for me for a Sweetheart Party - from Lost Junction at The Gacha Garden - and if I wasn't going to be sick enough I can now stuff my face with Sodas, Conversation Hearts, Cake Pops and even Chocolate from my own Chocolate Fountain!! 
I'm a spoilt girl - I may be sick, but I am being spoilt LOL - and this isn't even the full sets of either collection... To see full collections, you will need to check out the Gacha Machines at The Gacha Garden OR check both the nefarious.inventions and Lost Junction Flickr postings for their gacha keys!
Mind you after eating all that, I think I am going to go put my beautiful Stockholm&Lima roses into some water and give my date a good cuddling, somewhere dark and quiet so the sick feeling can calm down LOL... 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - Love Song 
Skin: Glam Affair - Luna Skin in Asia 
Outfit: Valentina E - Breakfast Club Shirt Dress & Cardi in Pink & Green 
Pose: Image Essentials - Playful Seduction 6 
Friend: Boogers - Eugene Bear 
Balloons: Half-Deer - Fairylight Balloons in Pastel (Available until February 6th at Collabor88
Pink Food Set (Including Chocolate Fountain, Conversation Hearts, Cake Pops & Soda Bucket): Lost Junction - Sweetheart Party Gacha Items (Available until February 28th at The Gacha Garden
Sheep: Half-Deer - Kerfluffle Sheep in Blossom & Chantilly 
Flowers: Stockholm&Lima - Valentine's Blush Flower Box 
Food (Including Pancakes, Eggs & Bacon, Muffins & Milk, Fruit & Waffle: nefarious.inventions - love and cholesterol Gacha Items (Available until February 28th at The Gacha Garden
Mouse: Lost Junction - My Mousie Buddy in Gray 
Hearts: Tool Shed - Scattered Hearts in 3 Valentine Dots 

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