Saturday, February 6, 2016

Morphing into Me

When I was younger, on a Saturday night, there was a TV Show called Stars in your Eyes... It was hosted by a really creepy presenter, that always made me feel a little uncomfortable, but the show was so much fun that as a pre-teen I enjoyed watching it.
A contestant would come on and say "Tonight Matthew (the Presenter) I'm going to be ..." after leaving you to try and guess who with some clues, they'd disappear through some doors and come out fully transformed to look like the person they were going to be and then it was like karaoke... Sometimes they were REALLY GOOD and others they were TERRIBLE but it was great Saturday Evening entertainment for a while hehe...
Well tonight Matthew, I'm going to be morphed into Kat Von D.. 
I've never been one for Morphs... I don't really like them as they can sometimes be a little creepy, but it's something I'd always wondered what it would look like seeing Rudh's face on someone else! Someone real!
A new friend of mine - Tsyeite - was wanting to test herself to see if she could do them... Her first attempt was amazing, and so I asked her to try with me... 
For a base photo she used one of Kat von D - I wanted something rawrish rocker chick with red hair... 
The result is awesome... First off I don't look all that creepy and secondly I think Kat von D and I could be siblings?! Scary how much I look like her in this picture LOL... I really love the fact that Tsy has also managed to keep my face scar in the photo... I always feel naked without that! 
It's pretty damn good for one of her fist few morphs, dontcha think??! Her other photos are brilliant too, and so I suggest you check out her Flickr page and share some love with her too!!!
Thank you Tsy! *hugs* 

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