Monday, February 29, 2016

Paint the Sky...

I am running a little late with some of my blogging... I am sorry to everyone that I blog for and to those of you that read my ramblings, I mentioned I was sick but it just felt like I lost my blogging mojo there too for a while, and it's taken a little bit to kick start things back up again! I needed to find something that got me excited and happy, something that would be a good kick start... I spent a while looking through all of the pretty things that I'd been sent and although the mind block was there I decided to go exploring...
I found the best place to start my imagination going again, It all starts with a smile...
I was wandering around the beautiful sim, looking for inspiration, and luckily this place has it in abundance... Then I spotted the gorgeous sign, made by MadPea, that tells you to "Paint the Sky, Make it yours"... An idea came to be like a bolt of lightning striking me in the butt...
I had these awesome "On the Gogh" things, an awesome release from nefarious.inventions, that includes a collection of Paint Brushes in large - for display - and smaller for use perhaps sizes, and some portable paint colours as backpacks. Each of the colours is made up of various things that will give your paintings a real personal feel... Such as here where I am Painting the Sky, Making it mine, using paint that contains my hopes and dreams... Such a romantic idea right?!
My hopes and dreams right now are that I can paint the sky and make myself feel like me again... I just hope I don't get into any trouble for being so late!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Henya in Reds (Available until March 3rd at Whimsical)
Skin: Glam Affair - Luna Skin in Asia
Top: Apple May Designs - Tied Tops in Black
Pants: Bens Boutique - Carrie Pants in Black
Bag & Paint Brush: [nefarious.inventions] - On The Gogh in Silver RARE
Pose: Signature Pose - Like a hero
Prop: MadPea - Ungrounded Wings

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