Monday, February 15, 2016

Make him love me... Magical Science!

For those of you that like me believe in romance, then perhaps a day like Valentines is heaven for you. I am one of those believers in romance, I LOVE the sparkling of romance, those feelings of butterflies in your stomach and the gestures of love, but I'd prefer them to come on any day other than February 14th.
Yesterday I went totally anti-Valentine, but for now at least I am back sharing lots of love... I have also decided to use magical science - a lot like you may find in a Disney Movie - to help people... I am going to make love potion hehe... Wish me luck...
I've set up my lab somewhere on Gator Sim that is quiet and remote, so that I won't be disturbed when I am working on my magic science! It's going to take a lot of attempts to make the perfect love potion... But what do I need for ingredients?! Hmmm...
Dried Flowers are always a good idea... I've bought some pre-dried from LODE Balts Dry Flowers, and I think to go with that I will add some crushed up Candy Hearts from the Half-Deer. I'll mix it together with a mortar and pestle - you can buy really good ones from nefarious.inventions - and I'll add a little green stuff... It's always a good idea to add a little green stuff!
Now for the sciency bit... I'll distil the mixture in water using a special DIY Love Potion Kit from aisling - I'll buy some of their True Love & Key Bottles whilst I am there to store this special elixir.
Then all that is left to do, for anyone that is willing to test the potion, is make a cup of Rose Petal Tea and add a few drops as you shred a picture of your past love and what for the tickle - or prickle - of the magic starting to work!
(Just so people do not start to worry... HellBone and I are still happy together, I just did not wish to upset anyone by putting a picture of a past love in the ripped photo... I'm trying not to be vindictive hehe! He knows I love him!)
If I make it through this first test, then I will talk to you very soon... If I don't make it, can someone feed my pets?!

What is in the photo;
Hanging Flowers: LODE - Decor Balts Dry Flowers in Red
Science Kit: aisling - DIY Love Potion in Alchemy of Love RARE
Mortar & Pestle: nefarious.inventions - The.Dispensary in Mortar and Pestle
Hearts: Half-Deer - Spilled Candy Hearts
Sparkles: [ keke ] - Glitter Floor
Love Potion: aisling - True Love & Key in Plain
Picture: Plethora - Ripped Photo
Tea: Apple Fall - Teacup Rose

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