Friday, February 12, 2016

Moon Spark... Music Maker

Since taking a photo of my Biker Sister, Tila, the other day I have found that I am really enjoying asking other people to be models in my photography. I don't think I'd ever feel confident enough to start taking photos professionally - and charging for them - but as I am working for some awesome pose makers, perhaps it will be a good idea for me to start taking pictures for people that are in my friends list... Random people that I don't always see very often!
That's exactly what I did recently with a pose from Come Soon Poses, and an old friend...
Moon Spark is a singer in both lives... She has a voice that I would always tell people is a similarity between Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morissette, only better, and accompanied by her guitar, she is definitely one performer that anyone should make time to go and see live in SL.
As a side note I should mention that not only is she an awesome guitar player, she is also a master at playing the Kazoo!! LOL!
The pose from Come Soon Poses - which is a gift in the Depraved Nation's Jack or Jill Hunt - just seemed like the perfect pose to use for Moon, hence why she became the second person that I wanted to shoot in this photo series of pictures that aren't me! It can be found on the Jack Path of the hunt, but it's clearly something that works for either sex, so ladies why not go hunting for this too!
Now, for those of you that want to check out Moon's singing prowess - whether you think "Yay that sounds like fun" or "Shup Rudh I don't believe you and need to check it for myself" - she will be performing for the Gators MC 3rd Anniversary Party on Saturday February 13th at 1PM SLT!  (That would be awesome wouldn't it? Come hear a really cool singer AND join our birthday party during which we are raising donations for Anxiety & Depression Association of America.)
OR... Why not check out her website, which is filled with lots of interesting things including a schedule!!!

Information about the Photo;
(I do not have a list of what Moon is wearing, but if you want to know about anything that you see here, please feel free to ask and I will find out for you!)
Pose: Come Soon - The BluesMan (Available until February 29th for Jack or Jill Hunt)

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