Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Date for the Monster High Ball

Sometimes a photo comes from weird things that just seem to fall into place... Things that aren't always meant to be put together just seem to be meant together somehow... Even though if you saw everything at a distance you'd probably find yourself thinking "HUH?"
Yesterday I had one of those moments and it was like a light bulb in my mind... The photo that came out of my light bulb moment is one of my recent favourites... 
HellBone bought a new suit, rather than looking handsome as a human he went for a more monstrous look...
The look on it's own is just so striking, but it seemed perfect when I asked him to test a new men's pose for me from Come Soon Poses that he was forced to stay put while I took his photo hehe... 
Before I talk more about his outfit, I want to let you know that this is in fact the Come Soon Pose that is available at Men Only Monthly until March 15th, but I've used it in a way that looks a lot less like the poses display photo. It's called The Gym 2, but in this case I've made it look more like Monster Hell is waiting for a date at the Monster High Prom hehe... 
His outfit is mainly compiled from two brand new releases by [Deadwool]. The Jacket with it's thin scarf are Deadwool releases at the latest line up of Lost & Found, whilst the waistcoat, shirt and tie set is available at Men Only Monthly.
The Death Row Designs Faces of Death took this formal look and made HellBone seem more monstrous than suave - just how I like him really hehe... When topped with a new Gabriel Top Hat, this monster is ready for a date at the dance! 

What is he wearing; 
Hat: Gabriel - Top Hat (Available until March 15th at Men Only Monthly
Head: Death Row Designs - Faces of Death in Blind Venomous Rage 
Jacket & Scarf: [Deadwool] - Oscar Coat in Black (Available until March 1 at Lost & Found)
Shirt, Waistcoat & Tie: [Deadwool] - Peak suit Tux Jacket in Black (Available until March 15th at Men Only Monthly
Gloves: ISPACHI - [Upheaval] Gloves in Male Relaxed (No Longer Available!)
Pose: Come Soon - The Gym 2 (Available until March 15th at Men Only Monthly

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