Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The things in my head Monday Meme...

I feel in the mood to work on a Berry Meme this week... It's been a while since I did one but as she always says we can pick and choose and do what we have time for... Well, I'd pulled together a pretty photo but had no idea what to write to go with it... THEN Berry put up a Meme this week that I really liked the idea of... Answering questions with the first thing that comes into our heads lol... THIS SHOULD BE ENTERTAINING lol... 
Told you the picture was pretty lol... I am liking the pictures that I have been creating recently, I just seem to be getting a little better and this was no exception to that... Perhaps a little more girlie than you might be used to seeing me, but hey sometimes you have to step outside the box right?! I stepped outside the box - my photo box that is - and wandered around Hazardous to get this shot, but let's get on with answering Berries statement questions... 
All I need to do is finish the sentence with the first thing that pops into my head... There shouldn't be any waffle, but you know me lol SO I cannot promise LOL... 

I am… barely awake.
I want… breakfast.
I have… a cough.
I wish… I could go back to bed and get warm again.
I hate… alarm clocks that wake you from a good dream.
I fear… losing people I care about.
I search… for ways to make everyone happy. OH AND FOR BREAKFAST!
I wonder… why can't people just get along for civilities sake sometimes. 
I regret… not reaching for my dreams as I should have yet. 
I never… like to see anyone cry. 
I always… need to talk to my mum since I moved away from her. 
I usually… don't like staying in bed late but today I'd have made an exception! 
I dance… like no one is watching. 
I sing… badly to annoy my husband because it's funny! 
I often… find myself slipping into a day dream
I sometimes… feel the need to scream as it always makes me feel better
I need… warm socks
I cry… A LOT! 
I should… be working but cannot be bothered!
I love… my friends and family.
What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Esther (Past Event Release) 
Skin & Lipstick: yumyums - Hope Skin in Latte (Available Now at Skin Fair 2015
Face Wound: antielle - Sakurifications (Available Now at Origami)
Top: DRBC - Bettie in Bows (Available Now at Erotigacha)
Shorts: {.::LRH::.} - Frayed Medium Denim Shorts 
Pose: Image Essentials - Body Shot 1 


  1. You look beautiful as you always do, my dear. Thanks for sharing your meme!

  2. Pretty sure alarm clocks are the cruelest things ever invented. Just catching up on all the meme responses, thanks for participating. <3