Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Presidential Seat of HellBone...

It's finally here, and finally open... I can now share with you the LM to the Fantasy Gacha Event, that I have blogged about previously. Drum Roll please... LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I GIVE YOU THE FANTASY GACHA FAIR LM!
So as promised, and as I actually got lucky in getting Hell to pose in not just one but two photo shoots for me, I am taking full advantage of all the gorgeousness that I picked up from the Fantasy Gacha Event. This time though it's a little less romantic and a little more Hell having a power trip LOL...
I dressed myself in a completely different direction to the one I had been in last time, allowing myself to become his pretty little slave girl - the one and only time this will ever happen in his life hehe... I dressed her simply in an older fur dress from SAKIDE and a pretty skin from Glam Affair, and then went to work accessorising the slave look with lots of pretties from the event. She is dressed in a Huntress Green and Brown Corset from 5&20, that matches her Yasum over the knee Steam Boots, and is marked as HellBone's sub by the cuffs around her wrists - which come with the Rack Poses props - and Celtic Headband around her forehead from The Forge.
So for HellBone, the majority of his outfit remains the same as it was in the post previous to this featuring his look for the Fantasy Gacha Fair. He liked it so much that he managed to keep it on and not wear his Gator vest for longer than 5 minutes - I was actually pretty impressed! Anyway, the subtle difference in his outfit here, is the helmet. Now this one is not available at the gacha event, but he loved the things he had won from this store so much that he wanted to check out the PFC mainstore for himself... It lead to the discovery of one of their newest creations - this helmet, called Squid Punk - which to be honest is a freaking brilliant name - and he couldn't get his virtual wallet out fast enough. Then upon turning around and wandering into the furniture hall he stumbled upon his throne LOL - the Hunter's Rest Chair has become his new throne of power in his little MC kingdom. It has been placed in it's new swamp home by the fire, and will be his presidential seat from now on. Woe betide anyone that sits on it when Hell is around LOL... Luckily - he tells me - I can sit with him, what he failed to mention was that the poses were slave girl orientated, and so now one might be fooled into thinking the power has gone to his head! To be honest, it fits the swamp, and it definitely fits with HellBone's sense of style, I just don't know how often I'll be sitting on it with him hehe... I think once for the photo might have been enough!

What are they wearing;
Helmet: PFC - Squid Punk
Skin: najl desings - ZENDO chin (No Longer Available)
Eyes: IKON - Eternal Eyes in Peak
Tattoo: ::NT:: - Skull Top in Faded (No Longer Available)
Cloak: PFC - The Hunter in Polar (Available now at the Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Bracers: [The Forge] - Viking Bracers in Silver (Available now at the Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Gloves: [Ascent] - Armored Gloves in 05 (Available now at the Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Kilt: A:S:S - Long-kilt in Plain Black
Shoes:  [Gos] - Triumph Boot in Black
Hair: Ploom - Twiddle
Tiara: [The Forge] - Celtic Headband in Silver (Available now at the Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item)
Dress: SAKIDE - Tanned Skin Dress in Brown
Corset: 5&20 - Huntress Rigged Mesh Corset in Brown/Green (Available now at the Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Shackles: Rack Poses - Wall Mounted Shackle in Free to a Bad Home (Available now at the Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Boots: Yasum - Nicci's Steam Boots in Forrest (Available now at the Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Pose Prop: PFC - Hunter's Rest

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