Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Terms Of Service? More like Trials Of SecondLife... Monday's Meme

The Monday Meme for this week, posted by Miss Berry, talks about the SL TOS - Terms of Service - or the thing we all sign our lives away to when we become members of the virtual world. Recently LL have made some changes to the TOS and although I do not read them well each and every time there is an update, this one seems like a major one and it has sparked my interest.
One of the most common things about TOS that you see everywhere in SL is the whole thing with the pick in your profile stating that chat may be shared as you like, with whoever you like, whenever you like, and that by stating it within the profile they feel they have the right as soon as you open an IM. This kind of pick always makes me laugh, a little disclaimer in your profile that a person may or may not read does not automatically grant you that permission, the only way you'd have that permission is if a person said "You can share this chat log" and how many times a day do people say that LOL... I usually tend to ignore those picks, to be honest if I say something so important that you think it's worthy of being shared then I am flattered my opinion matters so much to you LOL, otherwise I don't log my chat and if someone says something particularly funny or something that I really want to keep for memories sake, it might end up on one of my notecards I keep stashed deep within my wardrobe! 
But first, a random pretty picture to take our mind off the seriousness LOL... 
To help with this Meme, Berry has provided a number of very interesting links and articles, such a link directly to the main source of the TOS on the LL website, but I strongly recommend that you take a look on her blog at these links, there is some very interesting reading! Check them out here! Otherwise, I guess it is time for me to share my opinions!
Do you usually read the TOS thoroughly before you hit accept? Not normally, and I know that is bad. Who knows what I could be signing away for? Weirdly enough, I always remember catching a gross episode of South Park - of all things - on the TV about reading the Itunes TOS, and yet I still blindly just click accept whenever a new set of TOS comes out for SL! I find myself thinking, it's my Barbie Doll and I have nothing to hide - I forget that they have my RL details in order for me to have a dolly...
How do you feel about the new LL TOS changes, specially from August 15th and section 2.3? Hmmm this one is a tough one... I personally feel that they do not overly affect me, I am not a content creator, but I know a few people that are and the fact that the TOS seem less geared to helping them and more geared towards what is best for LL seems more than a little unfair. LL have their agenda and we as residents either have to accept that or walk away as some people have done.
Do the changes affect you directly? I think I am with Berry on this one. I know that it may affect the content creators and the sims that I love, and it could in effect cause problems for people that use SL as means of RL assistance - with things like a little extra cash. Yet for me on a personal level I do not feel I will be affected that directly. HellBone has a store, that is true, but for us in our RL, SL is definitely more of a means of relaxation and communication with people. I use SL for chat and blog as a hobby, as means to open up more because I tend to be fairly shy when meeting new people in RL. Knowing that I have given over 7 years of my RL time for the SL world however, I think I will just be looking the other way and as much as it pains me to admit it, I don't feel that I will be bothered that much by these changes.
What do you think people should do about this new change? What is there that people can really do in a situation like this? You want to use the service they provide then in effect you HAVE to agree to the terms of service, or stop using the program. I am not that happy about some of the things that the TOS now states, but I don't want to give up my SL either so basically it's like being between a rock and a hard place. No matter how much people revolt against something like this, at the end of the day LL are the company that run and own SL, they hold the cards! I have heard rumours that LL are using SL as a sort of cash cow now, there was something about their new game "Patterns" that I kept heard being repeated, but every company moves on, and I guess in the long run it is personal choice as to whether or not we just suck it up and carry on with our SLs.
Are you or have you ever thought about leaving Second Life? What would you do with your time/blogs/career if you ever did? I have thought about leaving SL once or twice in my time here... Mostly when things were going crazy with either RL or SL and it's drama. More than once or twice I have thought "why am I still here?" but I wouldn't leave it because of changes that had been made within the TOS. SL is a little like an addiction for me, and I'd much rather spend my evenings curled up playing SL than watching the TV... If I was to ever leave SL, then I think my ramblings would come to an end though. I started this blog to follow the adventures of my Barbie Doll, and without her, there is no ramblings!

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Magika - Moment 
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item)
Face Wounds: (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars
Piercings: Cute Poison - Fallen Piercing
Necklace: Cute Poison - Ouija Necklace (Available now at SL Fashion Week)
Top: cheeky - Vampire Shirt in White (Available now at Perfect Wardrobe)
Bag: Tentacio - Killer Purse (Available now at Perfect Wardrobe

Hands: SLink - AvEnhance Hands in Female Casual
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame Ring in Black/Silver
Nails: HopScotch - Take a Bite Nails in Vampire (Available now at Horror Fest 2013)
Wound: REPULSE - Psycho Stomach Wound Tattoo 
Skirt: Corvus - Black Long Skirt (Available now at Fi*Friday)
Pose: Starry Heaven - Reina Pose 4
Poster: HopScotch - To byte or not byte Poster (Available now at Horror Fest 2013)

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