Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Maid and the Mayan Necklace... A Horror Fest Creation!

Once upon a dark and miserable night, one which would be filled with Horrorific Festivities, an old house stood on a hill. Lit only by the lightning and the dull glow of candlelight filtering through the window glass, the house had an eerie presence. This house was like no other, many of the houses on the once bustling Victorian street had been pulled down and replaced with modern terraces, yet the house on the hill belonging to the Barbosa family remained virtually unchanged. There had been modernisations to the house of course, but rumour among the children on the street was that the place was haunted or at least in-inhabited by some very scary monsters.
Now my friends, I am not one to dwell on ghost stories often, but on this particularly dark night an occurrence so strange took place that even I am chilled to my bones. This is the story of the pretty maid Rudhmellowen and her beautiful Mayan Necklace.
I cannot portray Rudhmellowen as an innocent victim in this tale, she was in fact an instigator in the sorrowful events that took place, but she was not alone in any wrong doing. The "lord" of the house - Mr. Barbosa - was drawn to the pretty red head from the moment she began working in the household. She was the pretty maid that served him his breakfast and brought him his tea, she was also the pretty maid that caught his attention and made him lust after a woman that was not his wife. A simple fact that did not go unnoticed by the eagled eyed - some might say "crone" - that he was married to. Unfortunately for Rudhmellowen, the woman decided to exact her revenge. The only washing machine in the house malfunctioned on that dark and stormy night, so poor Rudhmellowen was forced to head out into the rain to the town's only launderette.
She forced open the door with her hip and shook off her wet coat, glancing around in the gloomy room. Her eyes came into focus on a little black velvet box with her name on it, and a note just visible beneath. Crossing the room, she traced her fingers over the gold lettering, her eyes scanning the note that read "For you my love x"... She tentatively opened the box, which creaked just a little beneath her fingers, and laying inside, wrapped around a soft silk pillow, was a beautiful gold necklace like something a Mayan Princess would have worn. The colour of the stones, a vivid emerald green reminding her about comments her lord had made when he first looked into her eyes. Looking into the glass of the nearest washer, she slowly placed the jewels around her neck - she would not keep it, but what was the harm in at least trying it on for size - the atmosphere in the launderette began to sizzle.
No sooner was the clasp closed, a bolt of lightning seemed to strike the building, and searing pain shot through the pretty maid... Her skin began to bubble and contort. She tried to scream, tried to claw at the burning sensation seeping from the point where the necklace touched her skin, tried to prise the clasp open, but it was too late!
It was far too late for the once pretty maid... The Mayan Necklace had it's victim, the lady of the house had her revenge and the pretty maid, well she had a hunger for raw meat!
Can you tell I was bored at work and had fun with this post hehe... Horror Fest is bringing out the best in me I tell you! But let's talk about what you really want to know... The outfit I am wearing, right?
Working from the bottom up, my NEW SHOES - love these shoes! - are from N-Core, and I don't have much to say about them, other than they are of the usual high quality and are freaking gorgeous! TRY SOME ON! Though onto the Horror Fest Stuff... The Maid Dress is available from ILAYA - I really like it and haven't ever thought about clothes from ILAYA as I've always thought about them for poses. I added to that a pretty bracelet from yumyums, that will be in the Horror Fest gachas, and of course the Mayan Necklace from AZE Designs - the story wouldn't have come about without that! 
OH AND THE HEAD, How can you miss the head?! Both Death Row Designs - with the head in the main picture - and Curio Obscura, I wanted to share them but I couldn't work out how... Bring on the collage of heads hehe!!!

What is she wearing;
Head: Death Row Designs - Faces of Death in Blind Venemous Carnage with neck and full body tattoos (Available now at Horror Fest 2013)
Necklace: AZE Designs - Yum Kimil Maya Necklace in Jade & Gold (Available now at Horror Fest 2013)
Dress: ILAYA - Maid Dress in Bloody (Available now at Horror Fest 2013)
Bracelet: yumyums - Wired Web Cuff in Gold (Available now at Horror Fest 2013)
Shoes: N-Core - SHAE in Black
Pose: Infiniti - Undead 3 (Available now at Horror Fest 2013)
Facial Shots:
Heads: (LEFT) Death Row Designs - Faces of Death in Blind Venemous Carnage with neck and full body tattoos (Available now at Horror Fest 2013), AND, (9 - 12) Curio Obscura - Horror Heads  (Available now at Horror Fest 2013)
Corset: Rue - Threads Corset in Dusk/Red (Available now at Horror Fest 2013)

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