Monday, October 14, 2013

Discovery of Something Magical!

Wandering through the garden yesterday, my new little witchy friend - named Immy after my big, but missing in action sister Imma - and I stumbled upon an old wooden shack... It was tucked away where prying eyes couldn't find it, and to reach it Immy made me wade through a rather smelly, alligator infested swamp. She couldn't complain, she was riding a broom, but really that place smelt rather bad - so bad I didn't want my outfit to get covered in it meaning I looked wonderful with my long skirt tucked into my granny panties! Though she told me she had found something, something that I needed to see, something that needed rescuing from the dark, and well you know me I am a stickler for helping things when I can... "Curses" I thought, maybe next time I would just ignore the whisperings of a naughty witch, no matter how cute she was...
As we approached the creaking wooden shack, I began to worry a little, the whole place looked like it was about to collapse, and the noises coming from inside it were definitely not human, but approaching with care - and un-tucking my skirt from my knickers - I peeped in through the open doorway! There he was... A Phoenix!
What can I say, I was at work and feeling a mixture of both boredom and creativity while I was writing this post, and the cuteness of the items just brought the sparkles out of me. There is just so much in this photo that I love I don't know where to begin in telling you about it... Let me start with the cuties I suppose... The Phoenix - my rare discovery - is available now at the Wizarding Faire from the store MishMish. Once again Aime Takaai created adorable magic, that fits perfectly with the feeling of this event. I have never been a fan of Harry Potter and read the first book without bothering to pick up the rest - I don't like the way she writes, I am sorry to say - and I watched a couple of the movies but am still not sure of the hype! Anyway, I do remember being made to feel that tingle of magic feeling the first time they head to Diagon Alley in the first movie - least I think it was the first one? - and this shopping event you get to make the wall open like that, I felt that tingle of magic again! SO CUTE, and what a place to have an event... Not only that though, the adorable little witch that tricked me to getting my feet wet is a MishMish item too! The Wicked Witch is available for the October line-up of Collabor88!
Then onto the outfit, first off the headband - I showed this off in my recent post about the Body Modification Expo, where this item is currently available, but you can see it more clearly when it's being worn. This headband will be found in the Cute Poison booth and is available in three different colours, including this the dark version.
My dress comes in two parts, although together they make a rather cute, girlie dress... Both of these items are available at the Total Anarchy Event. The top is from Kita's Sideshow, I love crosses and although I have no real interest in the religious connotation - I don't mind sharing that here but please don't hate me for it - I love the design and the somewhat aged appearance of it, then when you combine it with the skirt - that is available as part of a set - from DRBC, and that dark and somewhat aged pattern with its tiny frills seemed perfect with the top! Voila a new look was born!

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Truth - Jessie in Jupiter
Headband: Cute Poison - Lament Headwear in Dark (Available now at the Body Modification Expo

Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item)
Face Wounds: (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars Piercings: Cute Poison - Fallen Piercing 

Choker: Pekka - Spiked Collar in Black/Copper (Past Mes Brics รก Bracs Item) 
Top: Kita's Sideshow - Bleed for a Sinner Top (Available now at Total Anarchy
Bracelet: KOSH - Nico in Concrete (Available now at the Men's Department
Rings: (Left) Mandala - Motsumame Ring in Black/Silver, AND, (Right) (epoque) - Metal Petal Ring in Obsidian/Gold 
Skirt: DRBC - Boho Chic Outfit in Chevron (Part of outfit) (Available now at Total Anarchy
Witch: MishMish - Wicked Witch (Available now at Collabor88
Bird: MishMish - Phoenix (Available now at Wizarding Faire)
Pose: Starry Heaven - Reina Poses 3 (Available now at Candy Fair 2013)

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