Friday, October 18, 2013

My SL DisneyBounding - Mrs. Potts

So, time now for me to take a break from sharing all the pretties that I have been sent to cover for designers and work on something a little more Rudhish! Not that the things I am blogging are not me, but I just love taking some time out each week to create a special look, a Disney based look, or even a DisneyBound look if you will...
As with the last few weeks however, and due to the fact that the DisneyBound challenge has finished, I have been asking some of my friends and family to choose a character for me to create a look based on. This week it was the turn of my big sister Juli Barnside. Julz is someone who came into my life due to my drafting into Hell's Gators MC, she has been like a rock in all the time that I have known her. We have both had some RL ups and downs and Julz has been there to support or kick me up the butt in times of need, and although she tries to convince everyone that she is someone not to be messed with - and I really wouldn't want to end up on her bad side - she is very much like the character she has chosen...
MY SL DISNEYBOUNDING - Mrs. Potts (Beauty and the Beast)!
So, Mrs. Potts is the house keeper of the Beast, that during the enchantment of the castle became a teapot. She provides a somewhat mother figure to the Beast, and alongside his other aides - the charming candlestick Lumiere and orderly clock Cogsworth - she helps to find him true love and break the spell that has been holding the castle under it's enchantment. Beauty and the Beast was, and still is, one of those movies that stuck with me as a kid, I had a bit of hard time with bullies when I was little - I was a tubby, freckled, glasses wearing, red head, it's not a good combination LOL - and this story helped me to realise that no matter who you are or what you look like you will always find someone who loves you for being you... Plus it helps to have a teapot, a candelabra and a clock with you at all times LOL.
So my look for Mrs. Potts took her to her dreams and her own little fantasy of perhaps one day owning her own coffee shop - not the kind in Amsterdam by the way, the regular kind lol! - and so Poche became the perfect backdrop for that. The pose I am in should also get honorable mention here too because for Mrs.Potts it was beyond perfect, the store Icons of Style had this pose available a while ago as a freebie, and it's the teapot pose. Supposedly for the children's song - I'm a little teapot - but Mrs.Potts was caught by surprise as after being in this position for so long, she forgot herself just once or twice hehe... 
Now onto the outfit itself, for this look I thought I would want a big balloony style dress, but when I tried things on I just wasn't happy with them. I know I need to look like Mrs.Potts but I still wanted it to be like something that I would wear, so I dug deep. Her predominant colours are white and purple and both of these are colours I find I don't really have a lot of - purple more so than white. Yet thanks to SAKIDE - who I am walking advertisement for today - I sound something to wear that I really liked! The Organza dress, the purple leather pants and silk scarf all come from the designer mind of Miss Kinu Mayako, and all it took then was the right accessories. I needed a hat of sorts for this look - now me and hats, don't always go - but I found this past gift from elikatira and was able to colour the hat to the right shade of purple, opting for blond hair as she has that pretty gold rim around her hat.
That would be my DisneyBound look for this week, who knows what will come up next, but for now, I have to get working again and create something pretty for the upcoming Horror Fest! I am SO excited to be part of that team!

What is she wearing;
Hair: elikatira - Frost in Blonde (Past Gift)
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item)
Face Wounds: (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars
Piercings: Cute Poison - Fallen Piercing
Necklace: GANKED - Pink Pomp (No Longer Available!)
Scarf: SAKIDE - My Diary Silk Scarf in Old Pink
Dress: SAKIDE - Organza Dress in White
Pants: SAKIDE - Acidulous Leather Pants Purple
Shoes: HOLLYHOOD - White Angel Boots (Past Fi*Friday Item)
Pose: Icons of Style - Teapot Pose (Past Freebie)

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  1. Perfect the pose......Chai tea for me, if you please, and a cream filled doughnut..Ta x