Monday, September 30, 2013

A bedtime story about a Paladin and Naga Queen...

The Arcade has become one of SL's most popular and eagerly anticipated events, drawing in huge crowds with the opening of every round. Though it is not the only event of it's kind... There is now a Fantasy Gacha event - heading towards it's second round at super fast speeds...
In fact the second round of the event opens its doors to the Gacha loving, Fantasy obsessed members of the SL world, and thanks to the amazingly awesome fantasy designer - Miss Helena Stringer of The Stringer Mausoleum - I was able to sneak in before the crowds and gather together some jaw droppingly gorgeous creations that I played around with for hours! I even managed to get Hell in on the act too - that NEVER happens! I think he noticed all the pretty fantasy items that I was checking out in the gacha displays and couldn't help himself - not that I can blame him either hehe...
I picked out a few items that I wanted to wear, and he was looking over my shoulder asking me to try for this and that, and things just seemed to fall together to create some gorgeous outfits for the pair of us. We both got fairly lucky that things seemed to blend so effortlessly!
Which of us do I talk about first... Lets start with HellBone... For him we went in the route of a knight or a paladin, that had stumbled into a forest clearing and come across a beautiful water naga! As soon as he saw the helmets and capes over my shoulder he was saying "try to get me one of those" - and I think at first, the bigger helmets from PFC, were more appealing to him, yet once he had it on we both couldn't help but admire the details in the textures and design. He was so impressed that he went to check out their mainstore, but there will be more on that later! Along with this he chose, and we got lucky in winning, a set of basic silver Viking Bracers from The Forge and some armoured gloves from Ascent, which completed his look when paired with this gorgeous kilt - or man-skirt, whatever you want to refer to it as - from A.S.S... I think Hell looks awesome in this kilt, I really hope he wears it more often!
I was a little trickier, as there were so many gorgeous outfits available for us ladies! Though my mind went to fantasy mode, and as soon as I caught sight of the Naga accessories from deviousMind I knew that was were I was going to be heading - for one photo at least! I wore the lapis banded tail, but instead of the side fins included, I got lucky enough to win the Naga Queen set so the head fins and side fins are part of that set. I also got lucky winning the Black Scorpion Trident too... I was a happy Naga! But that's not all... No no no my pretties... I wanted a skin from The Stringer Mausoleum - as it was thanks to Helena that I was allowed in - and boy did I get lucky again! The Forest Witch skin I am wearing, just matched perfectly due to the blue in her make-up, and when teamed with the Lamia Naga Eyes in Silver - also from deviousMind - I was extremely excited by my look!
Finally a girl needs to accessorise, and OK I have a huge and gorgeous looking trident, but I needed a little jewellery, so again I turned to the Fantasy Gacha Fair, and two designers that I am testing out for the first time! So the facial chain is one of the prizes from the aisling store - there are so many different designs of this, but I wanted something plain and simple that would highlight the make-up rather than hide it, and the circlet - from Sax Shepherd Designs - gave the jewellery just that little bit of glamour that a Naga Witch would be proud of.
I know the facial features do not show very clearly in either of these photos however, so just to make everything that little bit clearer, I got rid of Hell and decided to take a close up photo to showcase the gorgeous details in all of these items!

What are they wearing;
Helmet: PFC - Defender in Paladin (Available 1st October 2013 at the Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Skin: najl desings - ZENDO chin (No Longer Available)
Eyes: IKON - Eternal Eyes in Peak
Tattoo: ::NT:: - Skull Top in Faded (No Longer Available)
Cloak: PFC - The Hunter in Polar (Available 1st October 2013 at the Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Bracers: [The Forge] - Viking Bracers in Silver (Available 1st October 2013 at the Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Gloves: [Ascent] - Armored Gloves in 05 (I cannot find a LM to their mainstore ANYWHERE!)
Kilt: A:S:S - Long-kilt in Plain Black
Shoes:  [Gos] - Triumph Boot in Black
Hair: Magika - Please
Skin: The Stringer Mausoleum - Forest Witch Skin (Available 1st October 2013 at the Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Eyes: deviousMind - Lamia Naga Eyes Silver (Available 1st October 2013 at the Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Circlet: Sax Shepherd Designs - Witch Circlet in Samantha (Available 1st October 2013 at the Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Chains: aisling - Xanthe in N3 White (Available 1st October 2013 at the Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Naga Accessories: (Head & Side Fins) deviousMind - NagaQueen in Viper, AND, Lamia Naga Tail in Lapis Banded (Available 1st October 2013 at the Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Staff: deviousMind - Lamia Naga Trident in Black Scorpion Rare (Available 1st October 2013 at the Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Solo Pose: Frooti - Just a Girl 2
Pose: Starry Heaven - Surreal (Past Hunt Item)

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