Friday, October 25, 2013

Horrific Ice Cream? It's a Horror Fest Production!

Please don't roll your eyes, but I have yet MORE from the awesomeness that is Horror Fest 2013 - I promise the post after this will be about something completely different... I have to work out what, but it won't be Horrorific! Besides, I have Ice Cream?!
Now I will admit something... So far this has been the hardest picture to work on... Mostly because of the skin I used. I have a bit of a dislike of clowns, but there is more to it than that, basically I have had nightmares for the longest time, and have since been told when talking to people about them they sound much like the SAW movies - and I've also been told this skin is based on the clown of the same movie series. Since hearing and seeing that I have found it harder to work on this photo, but how could I not showcase it... It looks so cute with the outfit, and it comes from the art skills of my favourite skin designer - Miss Iokko Molko - I really needed to share it! Plus, Ice Cream!?!
I decided to stay in the garden at home for this photo shoot, I wanted to be able to make a mess and rez things so it was the simplest option, but luckily I found a place behind one of our old wood shacks where the witch that I am could set up a special Ice-Cream truck - courtesy of Aphrodite Shop
The look - as I have mentioned before - was based around this Alli Skin in it's Creepy Dolly version from yumyums. The outfit was something I wanted to look a little clownish, but not overly obviously so, and so when I pulled on this adorable Varla Tutu dress from Faster Pussycat and teamed it with the Raven Hood from fri. the look came together nicely.  After that, and with any outfit, it was just a matter of accessorising... Some scary looking boots - old ones by favourites from Remarkable Oblivion, as well as a pretty forehead jewel from Keystone, but then to give it more of a sinister look I replaced my normal green eyes with these fabulously monstrous Mutant Creature Eyes and some dainty looking fangs from The Stringer Mausoleum... I posed, using one of the PRETENSE Brains Poses but there was something missing, I rummaged through the Horror Fest collection and a little bat covered in stars - flew like a Silent Sparrow through the air to perch on my shoulder - while my hand grabbed for my trick or treat bucket - from BALACLAVA - I knew the recent Bike accident would mean that Hell was useful for something *cackles like a crazy person*... Finally he has his uses!

What is she wearing;
Hood: fri. - Raven Hood in Magic (Available now at Horror Fest 2013)
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Sarah
Head Jewel: Keystone - Aquilia (Available now at Horror Fest 2013)
Skin: yumyums - Alli Skin in Creepy Doll (Available now at Horror Fest 2013)
Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum - Mutant Creature Eyes (Available now at Horror Fest 2013)
Fangs: The Stringer Mausoleum - Fangs in Clean (Available now at Horror Fest 2013)
Bat: Silent Sparrow - Stella Fledermaus Batty (Available now at Horror Fest 2013
 Dress: Faster Pussycat - Varla in navy and stripe (Available now at Horror Fest 2013)
Bucket: BALACLAVA - Bloody Candy Bucket (Available now at Horror Fest 2013)
Boots: Remarkable Oblivion - Hobnails in Leather (Past Fameshed Item)
Pose: PRETENSE -  BRAINS (Available now at Horror Fest 2013)
Ice-Cream Truck: Aphrodite Shop - Halloween Ice Cream Cart (Available now at Horror Fest 2013)

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  1. Don't want ice from you lady!!! But the bat looks very adorable.)))