Monday, October 7, 2013

Gator Maze... They bite you in the dark...

Something exciting to share, but I have been so busy and getting swept along by the rush of it all that I have barely had time to blog things that I randomly want to share... So many awesome events underway that I feel I need to prioritize! Still though, this stuff needs to be shared and I hope you forgive me for my moment of over-proud and also somewhat self-centered post hehe...
You might have noticed by now that I have a SL partner - who can also be found inhabiting my home in RL too lol - that is a builder and designer and general mess maker, Mr HellBone Barbosa will often be surrounded by parts of cars or bikes, and very occasionally now, bikers too! Yet a few weeks ago, he felt inspired to create a Halloween event in the form of a maze to scare and excite! I smiled, I nodded, I sat back while he had a project to work on and agreed to just let him get on with it while he drained our land of any spare prims... BUT I have to say I am rather impressed with the outcome!
The Gator Maze opened officially on Saturday, being hosted by the Gators MC - HellBone's Motorcycle club that you may have heard me mention before - it is a dark maze with many twists and turns, and things that will jump you in the dark. Some of the members of the MC have pulled on some gruesome costumes, so they can chase you in the dark places too and believe me, even though I knew one of them was wearing something creepy, when he appeared I almost fell off my swing!
HellBone and I were among the team that were haunting the dark... Well he was, as one of his horror movie heroes Pinhead, he hides in the dark and his voice can be heard booming throughout the maze itself... Whereas I dressed myself up as some kind of evil witch, teaming the gorgeous Remarkable Oblivion Hat - available now at the Oh My Gacha Event - with an older dress from Soap and then accessorising with a noose from Remarkable Oblivion at this round of We Love RP and a mask that was a group gift from Death Row Designs...
My little protector friend - maybe he should be named Casper as he seems to be a friendly ghost - is lighting the dark tunnels for me... Who'd have thought it, a witch afraid of the dark LOL... He's so adorable and comes with a HUD for changing the way he is lit too, and although he isn't a scary Halloween ghost, these adorable little Scared Ghosts from MishMish - available at the Dream Garden - are perfect for lighting the way while you trick or treat! 

What is she wearing;
Hat: Remarkable Oblivion - Magician Hat in Druid (Available now at Oh My Gacha)
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Sarah
Skin: REPULSE - Vampire Skin
Teeth: EMBRACED - Kindred Fangs (No Longer Available!)
Mask: Death Row Designs - Facemask with shadow (Past Group Gift)
Rope: Remarkable Oblivion - Salem in Wheat (Available now at We Love RP)
Dress:  [soap] - Till Death Gown (No Longer Available!)
Shackles: Rack Poses - Wall Mounted Shackle in Free to a Bad Home (Available 1st October 2013 at the Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Ghost: MishMish - Scared Ghost (Available now at the Dream Garden)
Pose: Starry Heaven - Kia Pose 5 (Available now at Candy Fair 2013)

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