Monday, January 30, 2012

HellyWelly the Celebrity Biker

LOL Celebrities in SL - sorry I won't ever get my head around the idea that people think they are SLebrities... What a pile of dog poop! LOL, but anyway I go off the point ALREADY! 
The reason for the title is that my other half, Mr HellBone Barbosa for those of you that don't know, is this week's featured Biker in his SL MotorCycle club's magazine. 
Apparently, SnakeBite is a bi-weekly publication for the Cobra's MC Club... Look there he is on the front cover. That picture doesn't really do him justice, his make-over (with only a little help from me btw he did it by himself!) makes him look much better than this picture gives him credit for. I guess since he has been made a senior road captain, meaning he is in charge of organisation of rides and the like, they felt he was worthy of being posted front and center, and that people might actually wanna read what he has to say hehe... Most of which was written by me by the way!!! He will claim that he dictated and I just typed as my English is better - not much better but a little, lol - but everyone knows that it was him giving me the bare bones of an answer and me writing the actual answer to the questions... Just don't tell the biker club that was the case hehe! I even got to mention me and how we got together! 
I wanted to just show off one of the pictures though because I think it is pretty cool, the photographer did an awesome job in capturing the essence of Helly! 
It catches his "Dutchness" perfectly, as in RL on a sunny day there is nothing that he likes better than getting his bike out of her cover and taking her for a long ride down sunny roads through Holland! 
Means that he gets some time off from me nagging too LOL!!!!
I love you Hellywelly, my widdle Cobra Slebrity hehe!!!

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