Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Your Tunes - Boulevard of Broken Dreams!

Counting down the number of people I actually wanted to ask for this personal challenge of mine, I got to the bottom of the list and ugh the last person that was on it is my "amazing" big brother Zakora... Dammit I knew having him on the list would be a bad idea as he is totally lame but oh well beggars can't be choosers!
LOL - only kidding (or am I Zak, am I?)
Zakora and I seem to have been adoptive brother and sister for what seems like forever now. We met way back in a club that shall not be named here - but it is in fact what could be described as drama central - and after spending some time as a ranking officer in the Brit Army of said club, Zak and I just kinda seemed to adopt one another (though he may tell you otherwise!)
So, when he was asked he didn't need to think for a second, though to be honest I should have guessed this was coming as he has had the lyrics in his profile for a long, long, long time;
Greenday was a band I loved growing up, I used to love dancing round to "Holiday" on my first day off from school. Boulevard of Broken Dreams is definitely a modern classic, a song that will be known for many years - least that's my opinion! Plus Billie Joe Armstrong is really rather yummy in this video, I don't always feel that way about him but there is something about him here!! Typically Zak wasn't around when I wanted to ask him why he likes this song, but to me it feels a lot like a pick-me-up, when I am down I listen to the song and it seems to have the power to boost my spirits and tell me that I am strong enough to do anything - I moved to another country where English isn't the first language, if that isn't strong I don't know what it would take?! 
So the picture might need some explaining, it's a walk of broken dreams. Not Rudh's, but my RL dreams... In SL there would be no broken dreams for me, all my dreams come true here because they can! I can have the dream job, the money, the house, the man I want but in RL that is a different story, although I still have the man. The first no-through sign is about an archaeological job, I don't have one of those. Then follow the piles of money (which seems strange considering that there is no real money for archaeologists!) and the big house, but the question mark leads to the future. I am only 26 in March, so I have a LONG way to go yet, at least I hope to have a long way to go. 
Who knows what the future may hold for anyone? I know I'll be rocking out to this tune for a long time to come, but like I tried to capture in this imagery, life is full of mystery. One of the biggest mysteries should be, WHO WILL I ASK NEXT?

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  1. Rudh the archaeologist? I have to admit, I didn't see that one coming! (Says the jobless luthier *facepalm*)

    You must have put quite a bit of thought and work into that picture. Great job!