Saturday, January 14, 2012

Addicted to the Gatchas...

Hello Everybody. My name is Rudhmellowen and I am addicted to Gatcha Machines! 
It's not my fault... There are jsut so many awesome things that can be found in a gatcha machine and then you think oh I want it in this colour or this style and you just keep putting money in till you get it... I was worst with the Pygmy Puffs from Ohmai Emporium, but then the Gatcha Events always seem to draw my attention... 
This one happened to me just now... 
The Seasons Gatcha Event for WINTER has started. There were at the time of posting around 80 plus gatcha machines, varying in price from 10L to 100L and as I was allowed in early to cover the event for Seraphim I got to scoop up and bankrupt myself in the process kinda early! 
There is so much on offer at the event though, I have four items on in this picture; Concrete Flowers Ring and Necklace, Illusory's Scarf and Lark's Top, but if you like a little game of chance this is one of the places that you NEED to visit... I'll even be helpful and put up a URL - here!. OH and because I am so lovely, and because it took me flippin ages to get done, and because I am a lazy shopper really I'll give you the direct Seraphim link where you can see all the event pics - here! 
It's sad when a great hunt stops but this event made up for it in my eyes... I LOVE a game of chance!! hehe.


  1. Then you have to see this one... they are just so cool

    1. oh my gah yea I saw that one on your blog a few days ago and haven't had the chance to go look at it yet... It's on my to do list hehe!