Sunday, January 29, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 5

Last weekend my whole PC seemed to blow what one might refer to as a raspberry at me, least that is what you might call it if you were being polite. At the time trust me the PC was the victim of a stream of words so foul that even a sailor might have blushed! I was even threatening to assualt my PC with a sledgehammer! It was lucky that I had already written the post and could just throw it into published mode on Hell's PC! Was also a weekend that Vix had taken a couple of days off from Seraphim leaving me to "keep the ship sailing!" I owe a LOT to the others for getting everything done without problems *hugs* THANKS GIRLIES!
This colour, however, was the first one that had me thinking HUH WHAT AM I GONNA DO?!  I had no ideas and was drawing a blank at every corner I turned. Fledge and I discussed the colour, and I wont mention what she suggested, don't wanna give away any details that might point to what she will be doing this week, but I was still kinda confused as to what direction my colour look would take me. By now anyone who looks at my blog will know that I have to dress up, a normal everyday look will not do, but where would I end up!
Week 4 - PATINA
Week 4: Such a cold colour that I froze my rose.
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Cherilyn
Skin: LionSkins - Diamond Hunt 2
Outfit, including necklace, and crown: Faster Pussycat - Trinity Graves Outfit
Rose: Made by a friend - Crystal Rose

I don't know what I was going for with this look, it could be some under the sea beauty, yet I feel that with the dark make-up, that icy stare and the fact that I froze a rose by touching it that it would have to be an ice queen look! I did try for a full length photo too but it just wasn't going to do that awesome crown justice! I even out up an icy texture behind Rudh this week... Not all weeks will get a fancy background but I thought that the ice helped the ice queen to pop outta the background more!
Next Week -Alice Blue - so pale it's almost white!


  1. My favourite Rudhmellowen look's ever!!!!

  2. That is a fantastic look, you definitely suit Snow Queen although I never would have thought it would be a look for you! Like the icy background too, nicer to have a bit of texture. Btw that pose/expression says 'You're next after the rose!' *Gulp!*

  3. You look perfect! You really made the Snow Queen look work.

    But I do agree with fledge... That look on your face is decidedly cold!

  4. /me grabs an ice scraper to free the screen ... turns up the heating ...
    what a coooool look (literally) ... it's HOT ;-)

  5. Nah honey, this photo says to me, she is THE queen who could freeze your soul and melt your heart, whichever she decided to do at whatever given moment. Love this look!

  6. Rudh, you never cease to amaze me. Love it, you look absolutely fantastic!!!

  7. I love it!! The skin is really pretty to be such an awkward color. Great work!! (hugs)

  8. very very cool Rudh! Behind the "random ramblings" I love your creativity and talent :P

  9. What a perfectly wicked ice-queen look you've got going on there, Rudh! Oh, and I always keep a hammer where my PC can see it :P

  10. I just love that look, surreal and beautiful :)

  11. It's funny how I can see the finished picture and admire it, yet have no idea of the stuffing about you went to in order to finish it! Great effort, and I hope you're pleased with the result.

    Jasmine Ballinger

  12. I can see that all the struggle to make the overall look was worth it. :-) Wonderful job as always, Rudh!

  13. Missed your ice queen last week ..couldn't comment... it was fabulous.. so no need to be insecure.. and this one is also beautiful