Sunday, January 15, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 3

THREE WEEKS ALREADY, oh my gahhhhhhh!!!! I can feel the end drawing closer and damn it makes the year seem shorter when we talk about weeks lol... Should I start my weeks to Christmas countdown? LOL... After my collaboration last week it was good to be able to dive through my wardrobe and dig out something interesting to wear! But what would it be? I have SO MUCH, yet purple is not a colour I normally bother to go anywhere near. I don't like purple, almost as much as I don't like pink... But that I guess is part of the challenge. 
Week 3: Rock and ROLL hehehe
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Ploom - Bride of Frankenstein
Skin: [sYs] - Crystalline Skin (past hunt prize)
Top: BeBe Doll - Rock-N-Roll Top
Shorts: Maai - Candy Shorts
Bracelet: SIGMA Jewels - Layered Bangles
Ring: Rangs - Curves Ring
Skates: CS Design - Roller Skates 

For some reason when I thought dressing up and lightning I couldn't quite get the thought of Frankenstein (or Frankie Stein lol I love Monster High, I'm so lame but I wish those dollies had been around instead of dumb old barbie when I was a kid!). Then though I found the adorable sparkly hot pants in my inventory and as they fit the colour I wanted to use these too... so how was I going to incorporate both... the answer was simple - Frankenstein's Bride at a Roller Disco... TADAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Next Week -Iron! (kinda pale grey!)


  1. *grins* Rudh, I love it! How very funky!

  2. I don't like purple shadows, but you change my mind,electric indigo on you is beautiful!

  3. Great pic, love the sparkly shorts! That's a totally 50's Frankie, she would have been at home if they crossed Grease with Monster High!

  4. aw very cute and I love the roller girl idea!`Lightning I had considered too...

  5. full of fantasy again Rudh are a real lightning rollerskater..bye bye Nic

  6. HAHAA! Frankies bride does Roller skating! This shows your fun personality and I love it! Awesome way to pull the color in.
    Loves ya

  7. LOL!! I love the hair!! Very cute look for this week.

  8. Glad you are keeping up in true Rudh tradition! Way to rock it out at the rink!

  9. Hot! I love this and your skates look so much fun!

  10. Look, Igor! The monster! She's ALIIIIIIVE!!!!! Love it! You really rocked it:)

  11. LOL whatever you do Rudh, never become all serious and stuff. We love you the way you are: silly!

  12. Super cute and rockin!