Friday, January 20, 2012

Getting an Eyeful!

This is becoming a pattern, I seem to buy or find random things in my inventory and I think DAMMIT I MUST SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE! Then I can't get the idea outta my head until I put a look together and get myself photographed. I will admit that I don't take the world's best photos, I want to play with shadows but my PC hates me at the moment, I think the graphics card is dying. It keeps cutting out and my PC just goes blank, I can hear it working but then cant see anything, and what with SL being one of the world's most abusive to the graphics cards programmes I am pretty much left to scream at the PC, breathe and restart!
So you get pics from me without shadows, but I will try to make them as interesting as I can... Like this one...
Yes I know after that post about tongues I go and post myself in a picture wearing a tongue, but it went with the eyeball theme and was straight off after I had taken the picture. Yet I do have SO MUCH WEIRD STUFF... Maybe I should save it all for the colour challenge as you never know what will come up, but then I think what is the point in having it if I don't share it?! So anyway "EYE SEE YOU" lol. Thank you Magoa for this amazing dress lol, I know it was released for the Modiva Fashion Week last year, but fashion and Rudh don't really go hand in hand, and whilst I was posing in the dress Fledge asked me "why are you wearing an eyeball dress?". To be totally honest I don't know, was just something that I found that I wanted to wear, and hey it kinda fits with the weird Rudhish Quirkiness and my collection of body parts dontcha think?


  1. haha so funny again Rudh .. you have a nose for finding such funny stuff... maybe a nose post another time ? lol bye bye Nic

    1. If it's a nose post you want Nic it's a nose post you shall get LOL I am gonna hunt for something now!!!