Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Your Tunes - Sir Psycho Sexy!

Ok so I got my head down and did some serious blogging this week, the 52 Weeks of Colour Challenge is back with it's part deux and as that is a favourite of mine I think that it will be getting fairly high priority when it comes to blogging. Blog Hero is back, and I will be trying to join in in some of that too as I really enjoy putting the song lyrics into pictures, it was kinda why I started running my own personal challenge that is Your Tunes. Not sure as yet whether I will be continuing with my personal challenge or blog hero, I may try to do both?! Maybe though that would be expecting too much of myself? At the moment I am undecided, however I have been working on a picture for Your Tunes as it was a song that was given up over a week ago now by my boss Vix from Seraphim, as it is my boss I can't really say no I am not gonna do it, or can I? 
The Red Hot Chilli Peppers are a band that I am not very keen on AT ALL... For me they rank with other bands that create songs that ALL sound the same, such as Coldplay (who have the funniest joke song about this ever, if you haven't seen it you need to lol) or Radiohead! In the past these bands have created great stuff, it's just now the songs all seem to sound the same to me! Argue if you will, lol, it's my blog and my opinion so *blows raspberries at you*. Still Vix chose the song "Sir Psycho Sexy" by RHCP, the lyrics for this song if you don't know it are VERY Explicit and I personally think that Vix likes this song because it allows her to show off her inner kinky girl!
I had to be very careful when making the picture and it did take me a LOT of thinking about, I didn't want something too porno on my blog, but then Fledge suggested that I just went hot sexy cop, so... 
I went Hot Sexy Cop... and did some shameless promotion of HellBone's store when I tell everyone that the police bike was a special item created for Hogs and Carts Wheels for a mere 1000$L! LOL!
Who will I ask next? Will there even be a next? Stay tuned campers hehe!!!


  1. Well hot damn girl!! Ive got a pretty good mind set just about anyone would gladly pull over for you and let you frisk em!

    Total hotness!!


  2. w00t that looks awesome, haha I bet you will CAUSE traffic violations standing there like that >;)

    Judging by the comments to the youtube vid I think the sexy cop part was what stuck with people most so that works nicely :) Vix's plan to potty up your blog FOILED muahaha!