Friday, January 6, 2012

Pictures of Izzy!


People have been asking so I thought OK I better put up something about Izzy!
For those of you that don't know what I am talking about, I have recently been able to pick up my adorable 4 month old puppy from my parents and sister in England. I wrote a LONG post about her when she was just born back in August, and pretty soon she will be 5 months old and NOW I HAVE HER WITH ME! But if you want to see the original post you can check that out here...
Stealing the Bed!
Izzy is a cheeky lil thing, with a love of squeaky toys, sticks and pigs ear snippets (doggie treats), and who has a mission in life to get under the duvet of our bed whenever it's cold and then attack the feet that are hidden within. Her dislikes include; being in the car, being alone anywhere and when she is made to leave the kitchen as I am cooking! But she is settling in well, she hasn't had any accidents in the house (YET - touch wood that she doesn't!) and she loves her new playmates in the garden! Hell and I have three chickens too, they are in their pen but Izzy likes to try to get them to play with her... We haven't let her meet one without the fence in the way yet but I get the feeling that if one of the old girls got too close all that would remain of Izzy would be a dust trail! She is SUPER FAST, she ran round our allotment garden for an hour at full speed yesterday and wasn't even tired - still she's part greyhound so what did we expect really?


  1. Awww, cuteness!

    I might be more of a cat person (big surpise there), but who can resist such a cute little face? Just give her a cuddle for me :)

  2. The Izzy Queen has arrived!! Yayy! She is adorable. And check out those legs! But then..I have a weenie dog, so really any dogs legs looks bigger than my doggies. LOL! xoxo

  3. She looks just as cute as the earlier puppy picture. I'm sure she'll be a wonderful bundle of energy and joy for many years to come. :-)

  4. EEEEH STRETCHY PUPPY she is so cute! lol I envy you the house training after what OUR CAT just did, filthy beast... but then dogs are more easily trained than cats. Bean's paternal grandfather likes greyhounds, says they make excellent pets.