Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Tongue Thing...

There are lots of fashions in SL that I love. Here I can fully explore my inner skanky, gothic, grunge and rainbow clothing styles that I wouldn't be able to pull of in the real world, without getting some weird looks or having trouble finding clothes that fit me, but there are a few trends that still totally allude me!
THE TONGUE THING! I don't get the tongue thing AT ALL!! Why do people wanna walk around with their tongue hanging out all the time? OK I can understand having a tongue in certain photos is great but I've seen people walking around shopping with their tongue out. It's even lead to a mass of stores dedicating sections to tongues, and at certain events you can be sure to find a tongue or two. They are available with masses of different things on them too, for example my teddy bear, but what I don't get is why people would wanna walk around with their tongue hanging out? I tried it once in RL, I had been watching people in SL with the tongue thing and thought how would that work in RL... first it makes your jaw hurt from keeping your mouth in this position and then your tongue gets all dry and starts to hurt... 
I'm OK with them as modelling props, but why walk around wearing one all the time? what is with that? Can someone tell me please?


  1. I don't get the tongue thing either. Just like I never could quite grasp the thing where your Av smiles every 5 seconds. But hey some people enjoy that. ;-)

  2. Well, we walk around in shoes that would kill us IRL, and use poses that only an acrobat could manage, so why not have a perma-show tongue? It's because of the cute thing on it, just another place to put an ornament, like face piercings (another thing most wearers wouldn't IRL!) I quite like them, but the only ones I've really looked at were Sanyu (?) and they only showed when you opened your mouth, or at least I thought so.