Saturday, February 4, 2012

Luna's Love Challenge

Never one to resist a challenge no matter how big or small it might be, I saw the mini challenge that Luna posted this morning and HAD to take part. I know that there is a 12 days of lingerie challenge that is going on now too but I will be missing that one, I don't think that I even own 12 lingerie sets in SL... I just don't ever tend to wear the stuff! Hell wouldn't notice if I did either, so I'm skipping that one!!! 
BUT, this love one was too easy to resist, and like Luna said in her post for this challenge, which you can check out here by the way, things have been a bit meh for me in both lives recently so I needed a little love pick-me-up!
The things I love then, in no particular order, with the exception of the first and most important; 
1. My Friends and Family - they know who they are, but I couldn't face either life without them in it! 
3. Dressing Up - if you have seen my blog ever you will know that I like to play dress up! Though oddly I am in normal clothes in this cake hehe!
4. CAKE... Who doesn't love cake... I like it as a design and to eat... mmmmm I'm hungry. 
5. Blogging - I love working for Seraphim and my own rambling posts, I love reading people's blogs and I love using them as lazy shopping guides hehe!  
6. SHOPPING!!! Buying stuff that I wouldn't be able to in RL for not a lot of monies, YAY!

There are lots of other things that I love in Secondlife... i just wouldn't be able to ramble about them all, we'd be here all day otherwise hehe!!!


  1. Aww Rudh, this is so you! =)
    Is that a red velvet cake your on top of? MY FAV!

    I love shopping in SL to, it is a lot more affordable to be fashionably chic, and I would never wear it in RL as well. I am a yoga pants kinda girl LOL

  2. I love it... you look like a wonderful and bubbly person!!!

  3. LOL good list. Where does the cute-scary pink bambi come into it though? Shopping, maybe..?