Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scared of the dark? Get a Facelight

Normally I wouldn't use a facelight, I used to use one all the time and sometimes even went around glowing when I forgot to take it off after a photoshoot. With the ability to set windlight however you want it, I just play with that rather than think "Oh I must put my facelight on" now, but I was looking through the massive heap of random stuff that I have stock piled in my inventory and found the most awesome facelights in Secondlife... They are just so awesome that it defies belief hehe...
Schadenfreude made these awesome facelights, the set I have includes 4 varieties, and though they could be classed as mouthies, I think these provide just the right amount of light to make pictures sparkle LOL...
This is my afraid of the dark look. I don't know quite why, but sometimes I get a little afraid in the dark. Maybe it has something to do with my re-occuring nightmares, but then other times being snuggled up in bed in the dark can be soothing. When I was younger I used to have a nightlight beside my bed, it was an old school lava lamp and it used to make my room so pretty as it glowed orange - shame my kitty broke it one day... Damn Kitty!! 
Oh and to Miss Nicole, I am working on finding the perfect nose item to photograph just for you... bear with me LOL!

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  1. LOL, cute expression. Good info on the facelight! I dont mind sleeping in the dark, but if I get up during the night, I HATE the dark and I wont peek around any corners, look at the windows or open closet doors. And I have all those scary books I used to read in bed to thank.