Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Your Tunes - Mr Sandman!

This week's song was chosen by my adoptive parent in SL - Connie. Connie has come up in posts on my blog randomly and if you read my blog you might remember that I wrote a post all about SL Boxing due to her and her passion and winning of championships?! 
When Connie was asked it took a while to get an answer that I could actually use. The first song was one written by a RL Nephew and there was no way that I could find it hidden away on you-tube... The next song that was offered up was one that I could find and was a song that always makes you want to sing along to no matter how old you are, it is such a classic song!
As I always do when I am asking someone to pick a song I asked Connie why that was particular song of choice... The response I got was a good one "Every once in awhile, there is a song you really like that you always have liked and not necessarily in a special way. It's a song you've heard in your life for years and sort of put it to bed. Still it hangs in your memory waiting to looked at like an old photograph. I had forgotten about this particular old song until I saw it on YouTube in an update cover by some new artists who made this marvelous video for it and presented themselves, and the old song, in a delightful new wrapping that is a treasure to unwrap and enjoy." I went with the old school pictures of the Chordettes, as I love the original version but Connie did share the link with me of the cover that rekindled a love of this song - find it here!
This picture was fairly easy to get right when I knew what I wanted to do... 
I think Hell is gonna get a complex though lol every time I have pictures with any kinda dream guy I always end up with pictures of Jared Padalecki, LOL. Luckily he knows that I wouldn't ever replace him and that I am just into the prettiness that is Mr.Padalecki! Besides pretty men like that can only exist in fantasies for most of us mere mortal woman and in RL I would probably be highly put off, all men no matter how gorgeous have their stinks and their quirks... least I know what Hell's are now hehe!!! Better the devil you know right?
Actually while thinking of interesting things like is it better the devil you know, I'd like to ponder who will be next? WHO KNOWS? 

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