Friday, April 8, 2016

The Crazy Pooper Pig

Every now and then I need a little crazy in my life to revive my smile and make me feel better about things... Not that bad kinda crazy that brings drama and problems alond with it, but the good kind where you can let your hair down and scream, the kind where you find yourself laughing for no reason other than it's just silly, the best kind of crazy there is! That's the kind of crazy that I need right now.
Lucky thanks to what is rapidly becoming one of my favourite stores - as even their packaging has that crazy factor - I've been able to really give myself the giggles and let go of any stress... Especially during the photoshoot for today's picture... I was on Gator track, dressed... well... like this...
Isn't it AWESOME?! Just a sheer dollop of crazy right?! I dont know where to start with the award for most crazy in this photo... I just threw a heap of things together and it worked LOL!!!
Where do I start with explaining this photo... Let's go to the store that is inspiring so much crazy in me at the moment... Lewd!
A lot of this photo is their fault LOL... When I became a part of their blogger team, a box was sent containing this amazing Pooper Patrol toilet cart, which trust me comes in so handy on Gator sim where jokes about poop seem to be all too common! They are also the masterminds behind the Dirty Piggy Set - a kit including pierced and non-pierced ears, tails in two colours as regular tails AND butt plug versions, oh and a nose too! - which make such a good combination with anything poop related too I think... I mean check out how well they go with the April Fools Day gift from Magika and the awesome slogan written on my Suicidal Unborn Cropped Sweater!
I got lucky as I drove with my panties - from MUSCHI by the way - around my knees, using pooper power to drive the cart... Going down hill was freaking easy but it takes a lot of fart power for up hill climbs....

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - Deuce (Subscriber Group Gift)
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2
Pig Parts (Including Ears, Nose & Butt Plug): Lewd - Dirty piggy Set
Top: Suicidal Unborn - Knit Crop in NOBODY CARES
Panties: MUSCHI - Panties Down in Black
Vehicle: Lewd -  Pooper Patrol

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