Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Man Candy Mongo!

I've been taking lots of pretty pictures recently but I think it's time that I shared with you a little bit of eyecandy... One of my favourite forms of Eye Candy - or should that be Man Candy?! Eye Candy that I have the pleasure - along with the other ladies in the MC I might add - of looking at on a daily basis.
Isn't it a yummy treat for an afternoon?!
This is Mongo... I've shared pictures of him here before... He's my hubby's bestie, and the SGT for the Gators, my redneck language coach, and red hot...
I thoroughly enojoyed making this photo... I'm sure I won't be the only one that enjoys looking at it either!
Eye candy for a Tuesday Afternoon!!

What is he wearing;
Hair: No.Match - Passion
Beard: Xplosion - Dandy
Tattoo: Inhale - Burden
Pose: Come Soon - Your Prize (Available until April 30th as a Gift for the Mens Only Hunt 7)

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