Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Going to the "Cowboy" Store?!

You may have noticed that recently I've been trying out taking pictures that aren't of people somewhat... I was getting tired of always looking at my perfectly formed pixel face, and decided that I'd test the water taking pictures of other things... 
I've never been too confident when it comes to taking pictures of Furniture and Décor, but a release from one of my favourite stores prompted me to at least try, and that's why today I am only going to be talking about furniture!!!
I have two houses in SL to appeal to my random tastes in both the cute and crazy - this is the house I call my play house - and the more grown up side of myself... Each is decorated totally differently, one is stuffed with bright colours, the other is muted but has whimsical touches that give it a little fairytale feel... Yet I rarely think about different types of furniture. I never in a million years would have thought that today I'd be writing a post about a store style décor but hey would you look at that, here I am about to talk about store style décor!!
The reason for this is that two of the places I really enjoy working for have just created things which are store based, and looked great together! 
Lost Junction made a set for The Gacha Guardians event that is for a Mercantile Store display. It's a great set that comes with a selection of different shelves stacked with various items, hanging candles and sausage, and all those little props that make you feel like you've gone back in time to a cowboy store! I then, decided to combine these props with some of the gorgeous signs made by Paper Moon - also for The Gacha Guardians event - to add that little extra to the picture... The American Farmer's Market signs look like a perfect combination with the store set! 
It's not something I am used to doing, but I actually really enjoyed playing around with this... I don't think it will make me a furniture photographer any time soon but I really enjoyed it for a change!! 

What is in the picture;
Building: No Longer Available!
Shelves, Counter & Décor Props: Lost Junction - Mercantile Gacha Items (Available until April 31st for The Gacha Guardians) 
Signs: Paper Moon - Signs: American Farmer's Market Gacha Items(Available until April 31st for The Gacha Guardians) 
Garage: Consignment - The Garage Collection Gacha Items 

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