Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Time for a Lesson... A Meme!

OK this week's Meme from Miss Strawberry Singh was one that seemed to need a little more thought than some of the other weeks. She wanted us to teach her something new... I wracked my brains trying to work out exactly what it would be that I could teach someone. I thought of things like organising my inventory - something that I have been doing since I first started my SL nearly 7 years ago - or something silly along the lines of how to create a fun Zombie look, but then a little thought struck me in the back of my mind...
Recently I have been facing a fair few challenges in my SL, due to the fact that I became not only a member, but a senior officer in HellBone's Biker MC - The Gators. I will have no problem admitting that prior to the last few weeks I had tried a few times to ride a bike in SL but had failed and therefore gave up, basically I was a novice, and it shocked me just how much there is to know about riding a bike in SL. I wished there was a manual in how to ride a bike... I mean OK there are user manuals, but it would be nice to have a simplified version without all the hows and the whys sometimes.
So here are my basic hints on how to ride a motorbike in SL... Not as simple as I originally thought - there was I coming across like a bit of a noob - I truely believed that you got on a bike and could just drive and it would be easy... BOY was I wrong. I mean, you can just jump on a bike and ride it but I have a few little tips to help out - tips that I have taught myself...
* When driving the UP Arrow will move your bike forward, but the DOWN arrow won't make you reverse - I forget this all the time, and I'm always getting stuck against walls wondering why the heck I can't reverse!
* You will need to change gear to ride properly, if you don't you will be too slow and wonder why you're being left in the dust! This is where things get a little tricky, you need to use multiple keys to make this work hehe... The LEFT and RIGHT arrows will change the gears up and down but you need to hold down SHIFT to make the gears change.
* CORNERS are a pain in the ass LOL... There are two ways to take them, one is marginally easier LOL... Either gently tap the arrow key a couple of times to turn you slowly, or hold your finger on the arrow key. I know this sounds obvious but it takes a LOT more practice to be able to do the latter of these two options and stay on the road... Trust me!
* The DOWN arrow is the BREAK!!! Majorly important that one!
* One last and possibly most important point... DON'T BE AFRAID TO CRASH INTO THINGS OR FALL OFF THINGS! Apparently it happens to seasoned riders as well as novices, and luckily in SL things don't hurt when you crash into them! 
I know that I could have written about something important and probably more useful, but if someone had given me these little tips when I started riding a bike in SL it would have made the whole experience a lot easier. Notecards that come with the vehicles are so technical... I just wanted to know what meant stop and what meant go. I also figured the important stuff would be covered before I could even start my lessons, so going for something totally random... Maybe I can teach Miss Berry something new?!

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Magika - Pretty 
Glasses: [UMEBOSHI] - Tyki Glasses in Dizzy 
Skin: Sugar - Ink in Tone 3 Dark Brows 
Face Piercing: SHOCK - Kiss My Spikes in Zebra 
Top: La Petite Fleur - Pepulm Tops 
Pants: Slow Kitchen - Unisex Pants in Brown 2 (Available for 50% Discount in the closing sale!)
Boots: J's - Studded Long Boots in Black 
Bike: H&C Wheels - AeroBike (Retextured for me)


  1. Posts like this remind me that I've reached your blog :) Where else do you find a lesson on SL bike riding? I never knew it was that complicated!

  2. You have no idea how much I needed to learn all this! Thank you. :D

  3. I enjoyed your post on bike riding in SL! Like you, I just wanna hop on and go sometimes, lol, and I've mostly taught myself everything in SL by trial and error. There is one thing, though, I'm afraid to take on cuz if I mess it up, well...I could lose a lot of MONEY...and yeah, that's my inventory, lol... So, you also mentioned in yer post re: teaching one how to organize one's inventory. I have read the technical how to's and suggestions and even seen a Linden Made Video How To, but they go so fast, and are so technical (names of things I am sure I know what they are, but not by name....) well...long story short: I'm just afraid of erasing my inventory, so I have a big mess....Help!!! Would you, Could you, either suggest to the blogger who directs you all to make these tutorials to ask a few bloggers to give tips and hints to organize one's inventory or would you be so kind as to just take it upon yerownself to put out a blog post giving some tips/hints re organizing one's inventory?

    1. Hey Rayne! Inventory organising is SUCH a pain I know - here's one way to try and ease into it so you won't lose things.

      First: Make sure you have saved any favourite outfits AS outfits, in your outfit folder. That way, even if you forget where you have put stuff, the outfit link will always help you get back to it :)

      Second: Now go into your main folders - like Body Parts and Clothing - and make yourself a new batch of folders so you can start keeping stuff in nice separate sections. That way you can organise shoes, hair, dresses, makeup, just like you were keeping them all in labelled drawers in a cabinet! You can organise several ways, depending what is easiest for you to remember - keeping things grouped by designer or by colour are two good ones.

      And the best rule to remember so you don't accidentally delete anything is, open a second inventory window by clicking on the little suitcase icon at the bottom (at least that works in Firestorm) and drag items across into your new folders. And then if you find you have multiple copies of things, load them into outfits instead and you can just keep the one copy, with links to everything you'd wear it with!

      Just a couple of tips, hope they help you and sorry for answering on Rudh's blog but I'm sure she won't mind ^.^