Friday, May 10, 2013

SL DisneyBound - Week 9

Wednesday came and went, leaving us another dose of my new favourite challenge - SL DisneyBound. Last week we had one of the Disney Princesses to contend with, a character that you see on a large amount of Disney merchandise aimed at the little girls out there, but this week we are staying in the realm of Disney Princesses - however, I often feel that this princess is somewhat overlooked as she isn't one of the conventional human shaped princesses. Just because she is a kitten, doesn't mean she isn't a princess with it right?
WEEK 9 - MARIE (From The Aristocats)!
So yeah, I think this is one kitten that is deserving of princess status. She is a pampered kitten living the high life, setting out on an unexpected adventure with her family and meeting some kick-butt, Jazz playing Alley Cats along the way. The songs from this movie are definitely ones that get me dancing, and the overly pampered princess Marie reminds me of someone I know in RL - you might have heard mention of my RL puppy Izzy... LOL
Putting together a look for a kitten I tried to avoid the obvious, but I was drawn into the obvious and only missed a tail! I couldn't resist kitten ears and a cute kitten nose, so OK I know I'm supposed to be replicating her style but these things were a necessary hehe... I went with a huge pink flower rather than a hair bow though and kept my outfit fairly simple but I think I look cute, and maybe capture the adorableness of Marie?! Maybe?!
As for the location, the movie is set in historic Paris... Where would be better to take my photo for this challenge than the Paris 1900 sim. I wandered down the Champs-Élysées, window shopping and thought 'hmmm perfect place for a tourist photo and my Maria!'

What is she wearing;
Ears: LaGyo - Catty Headband
Hair Flower: mugmog - Flower
Hair: Ploom - Lislie
Skin: Sugar - Ink in Tone 3 Dark Brows
Face Paint: JM:Mai Skin - Animal Face Tattoo
Choker: BOOM - Precious Bow Choker in Marshmallow (Re-coloured by me)
Top: Crazy - Thin Shirt in White
Skirt: Sugar - Satin Skater Skirt in Snow White
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver
Nails: SLink - Enhancement Fingernails for Default Hands, WORN WITH, KOSH - Glossy Fingernails 1
Pose: Motionless - Sofia 6 (No Longer Available!)

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  1. Awwww you look absolutely adorable!!!! I must bring you to task though for forgetting the little mouse I've seen you wear in your mouth, that would have looked better than your piercing I think. But, fantastic way to bring out Maria (and a little older and sexier than she was in the film ;)

    Who is flying a biplane through the Arc de Triomphe?! Or is it stuck there heheh.