Friday, May 3, 2013

Oh What To Wish For?!!

A Meme perhaps? Miss Singh has become the genie in this proverbial lamp, and provided us with another of her interesting memes... This time involving wishes... 
To be honest, right now, there is one thing that we have in SL which I would really wish for in RL, and that is the teleport function. You might have noticed that I've been quiet for a few days - my parents have been over in Holland visiting - and to be even more honest, it wasn't long enough. The hardest part about my relationship with HellBone is being away from the family in the UK, and although I should be happy that they were able to visit I am not afraid to admit that I cried when I dropped them off at the train station yesterday - SO that would be the big thing I'd wish for...  RL teleporting!
Yet OK the meme is about wishes for our SL... So, get my head in the game... Walking along a beach in the rain - I like being on the beach in the rain, I love being on a beach when it's empty hehe - I find a lamp half buried in the sand, I rub it clean and a genie appears to grant me three wishes for my SL... Decisions, Decisions, What do I wish for???
1. I wish people treated each other better in their SecondLives. You hear so many stories about people acting like they never would in a RL situation, I guess it's a kind of anonymity thing, but when people behind the avatars get hurt as feelings cannot be turned off, it seems like the SL world is allowing for people to treat each other badly. I'm sure that like a vast majority of people in SL I've had hurts that could have been avoided if people showed more curtesy like they would have in RL, though I guess I can at least say these hurts have made me a stronger person and in the end I am better for having dealt with them!
2. I wish that SL had a better reputation. OK so I borrowed the wording for this one from Miss Singh, but as I feel the same about things, there are only so many ways that a girl can say it! I like Berry feel that I cannot share my Secondlife experience with everyone, and in some cases in the past when I have I am met with very blank or even "uh-huh heard all about it" faces. I have the problem of explaining where I met HellBone to people and will often just say I met him online, rather than being able to proudly admit that I met him in SL. There seems to be a bit of a stigma attached to the game and it does seem to be due to the fact that people outside of SL only know of the "game" through media that has focused on the virtual sex industry. I also wish that I could make people in RL see there is a LOT more to SL than just sexually orientated roleplay.
3. I wish I got more recognition as a blogger and photographer. My final wish is a little selfish I know, but a girl needs to get something in there for herself sometimes. I could have asked for skills at building or a never-ending supply of Lindens, but to be honest I would rather know that people enjoy reading my ramblings and looking at my photos. Sometimes it seems silly, I write my blog for me - as a means of letting off steam - yet when I am feeling particularly low and someone is talking about how they have loads of readers and comments, I know it's just boasting to make themselves feel better but in the wrong mood I question myself as to why I do this. It never takes long to stop thinking that way as I love my blog and couldn't ever give it up right now, and I love the fact that people do read and comment on what they like, so thank you for that!
Three wishes over, I need to go find a wishing well, or maybe if I'm lucky I can borrow a certain Fairy BobMother's wand...  Thank you for the Meme Berry... I can't wait for the next one! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Momo Hair 
Brand Tattoo: Crushed Violets - Hell Mary (Past Woeful Wednesday Item) 
Skin: Sugar - Ink in Tone 3 Dark Brows 
Eye Wound: REPULSE - Clawed Eye Face Tattoo 
Eyes: IKON - Horizon Eyes in Dark Verdigris 
Eyelashes: LeLutka - 2011 lashes/curl 
Lipstick: Acid&Mala - Unusual Lipstick in Dark Red 
Lip Spikes: [#7] - Spike Your Lips (Available now at The Gallery Gift Shop
Necklace: Sweet Leonard - Curvy Choker


  1. I find your pictures quite nice and I love the way you write. I think with hits and comments, it's just hit or miss at times and also depends on how you promote them on different social networks. But really, you're doing a fabulous job here with your pics and blog so I hope you don't quit! Also, I totally wanna be able to telelport in RL too! :P

  2. "Quite nice"?! LOL I'm sure Berry didn't mean that to sound like such faint praise, but personally I LOVE your photos, I think you do an awesome job and really make me jealous. You are able to get such great detailed shots with just the right posing to look cool and interesting, and then the post processing touchup with backgrounds and add-ons always makes your pictures fun. I would definitely say that your pics are up there in the top category of artists I love looking at, and the only reason I don't favourite them all on flickr is because then my favourites would just look like your stream!

    I am with you on wondering why we bother blogging sometimes, but even if nobody comments, you can tell from the counter that they look at least; and like you told me, everyone these days is too busy with their own blogs to comment - just like us! At the end we will have our own cherished memories and accomplishments to look back on, and any outside observations will just be icing on the cake. You keep going, because your blog is awesome and you have so much fun doing it :)