Saturday, May 18, 2013

Butterfly Salvation of a Demonic Soul

Some days my mood influences my photography in SL, is that just me or does it happen with other people too? I'd had a bit of a crazy few hours last night, and as I started pulling this outfit together my mind seemed to still be in overdrive, yet when I stepped back and took a good long look at the outfit I'd come up with I am glad my mind too me in the direction that it did...
Yesterday was the opening of this month's Limited Bazaar - a sale in which items are sold by designers in limited quantities of 100 (least I think that is the total number offered by each designer?!). I got so overly excited about the Drink Me Bottle Necklace from Maxi Gossamer - which will be making an appearance here I am sure - that I was there as they opened the event and grabbed for the necklace. Yet when I was looking further at the items, this butterfly headpiece caught my attention - I have something very similar to this already from BOOM - and though this would be something that I won't wear on a daily basis (or probably again as it will be buried in the warehouse somewhere!) I can't really resist butterflies! I guess it just appealed to my somewhat "interesting" sense of a random style!
This photo seemed to almost be a salvation of a demoness with a cross branded on her face. Her mystic third eye forced to open, as a rabble - or lek apparently?! - of butterflies appeared to heal her wounded skin... Basically I don't really know where I was trying to go with this look, it just sort of happened... But it was too pretty not to share, and Limited Bazaar won't have things in stock for long so if you want to check out what goodies may or may not be available, I would urge you to do so, you never know what will tickle your fancy! 

What is she wearing; 
Butterflies: Boudoir - Butterfly Head in Pink (Available now at Limited Bazaar
Skin: Nomine - Aether Fade Skin in Alabaster Blood 
Eyes & Third-Eye: DeathRow Designs - Gore Third Eye 
Piercing: ellabella - Sweep in Gold 
Face Tattoo: SongBird - The Blessing 
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver 
Nails: SLink - Enhancement Fingernails for Default Hands, WORN WITH, KOSH - Art Deco
Pose: STATUS - Envee 2.0.5


  1. wow ... that's a pretty gorgeous pic !!! ... Love it ...

  2. super picture. Sure i know that the feeling we have in rl can be seen in the pictures we take.

  3. This is gorgeous, really powerful and interesting and artistic - I love that the butterflies have opened your third eye! LOL what is going on, you go all butterfly-demonic while I'm fooling you with nearly-human avatars - are we soul swapping or something?!