Friday, May 17, 2013

A Lamp*Light Shines on the FrankenFran!

This post I had an Oops NO Crap moment on before, and I am sorry about having a misfire and prematurely posting it, that is if anyone even noticed. I think I got carried away with myself LOL... Not only do I ramble, sometimes I forget to even think about what I am up to lol...
I will blame it on the fact that once again I am in my living dead girl form, being alive is something that I never do for long...
This look is due to the fact that the upcoming Horror Haute for May has a theme, based this month on the old school horror movies. Miss AliceAnn - the cutiepatootie behind Lamp*Light - has gone back to one of her older looks and given her a spring clean so to speak, dusting her off and renewing lots of parts to bring back the gorgeous Franken Fran! This outfit comes with SO MANY ITEMS, I had trouble working out where to begin as I was pulling clothes on hehe... The body parts fell out of the box in a tumble - hair, eyes, feet, shape - I played with them all, but in the end I decided to remain in my usual shape and hair of my own to give you a feel of how things can look on your own body. There are tons of clothing options too... The shirt is part of the outfit, as are the tights and panties - the outfit comes with a skirt that can be seen in one of the photos that I took of AliceAnn a few days ago - I went with a somewhat sexier Franken Fran look... Teaming the look with a pair of old but still awesome knee high's, a chain necklace and even some pretty flowers in my hair! You'll have to wait till Horror Haute to get your own Franken Fran from Lamp*Light... It's not long now... If you want to check out the Spooky Interactive Haunted House, it is a fun place to play, and would be great for people of all ages.

What is she wearing;
Hair: Ploom - Tina
Skin: [rQ] - Envy
Face Wound: Miss Shippe's Studio - Stay Pretty Forever
Lipstick: Acid & Mala - Unusual Lipstick in Black
Face Piercing: SHOCK - Kiss My Spikes in Zebra
Necklace: (flaunt) - Chained Rock (No Longer Available)
Outfit (including shirt, panties, tights and head screws): Lamp*Light - Fran (To be released for Horror Haute May!)
Nails: SLink - Enhancement Fingernails for Default Hands, WORN WITH, KOSH - Gradient Metallic Fingernails 2
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver
Boots: Cipher - Punk Rock Boots in Storm
Pose: Rook Poses - Delirium 6

1 comment:

  1. I can see your knickers! *giggles*
    That's a great look though, very much more a Rudh styled Franken Fran than the same old factory default Bride of Frankenstein - but I am suspicious, whose brain is in there? ;)

    Assume you found the lab in the haunted house which I will go check out!