Tuesday, May 14, 2013

AlliWalli Is Flying Away!

Not often, but occasionally, I feel the urge to take photos of other people. Sometimes it gets more than a little frustrating taking photos of myself all the time - even if I do try and play around with my looks. It very rarely happens that people will ask me to take their photo. In fact it's only ever happened twice, that I can remember anyway, normally it's me just shooting first and then sharing it with them later.
Yet Alice and I had been talking about doing some photos of her for a while, and I finally found some time to set something up.
She came over to our build platform and I set to work, dangling her over the edge of a 4000m high platform in the sky, with her own protection from plummeting to her death being a huge bunch of balloons.
Alice's work as a designer - and owner - of Lamp*Light tends to veer on the anime style, with a focus on bright and fun designs, and masses of accessories, making each purchase a worthwhile one as you never ever just get the outfit, you always get heaps of extra goodies too. I just love the way that her colourful and vibrant personality shines through these photos, and OK although I modded them, Alice with her cute floppy hair cut, pretty face and adorable ears is the real reason these photos turned out in such a whimsical way. 
Thank you for letting me take your photo Alice, I'm glad you held on tight to the balloons... 

(For details about Alice's outfit, please feel free to ask and I will try to find out the details for you!)
Pose & Balloons: [!ZOOM] - Posing Artistry in Balloons

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  1. Oh! It came out great - thank you so much.♥
    I'm happy to have my picture taken by you any-day! You, do great work m'dear; and thank you for the sweet & kind words.