Thursday, May 23, 2013

Behind the SL Me... A Meme!

I was perusing the blogs at work today, because well we ran out of things to do before lunch and whilst waiting for some new stuff to come through I had time on my hands and a computer in front of me LOL - I noticed on the blog by Miss Kismet Faith, Confessions of a SL Shoppaholic, a new Meme being offered up, which seemed kind of fun and fairly cute... Why not join in? Her blog leads to the original issuer of the Meme, Miss Cara Oliveri of iCandy - and although I am sure I have done this type of thing before in a past blog post, because I seem to change the things I love so frequently, I can't help myself when something so fun and easy falls into my lap! 
Favorite Color: Black (Unless rainbows can count as a colour? Is that cheating?)
Favorite Flower: Sunflower
Favorite Animal: Donkeys (This was a tough one to pick just one, I like lots of different animals and it could be ANYTHING depending on my mood... Right now though... Donkeys!)
Favorite Music: Rock, the louder the better, although normally in the Metal or Alternative range (However I have a fairly ecclectic taste and can and do sing along to the radio regularly!)
Favorite Book: Gormenghast or anything by Tolkein. Though I love to read all sorts of different things, I'm currently reading the book to go with Rob Zombie's new movie - it's a bit grotesque in places, but I love a good book that I can get lost in!
Favorite Movie: The Lord of the Rings. It really captured the essence of the books for me, I think I saw it way too many times at the cinema for it to have been healthy LOL...
Favorite Television Show: Supernatural, although I will admit that I am a little far behind on it at the moment - so don't talk to me about story lines lol...
Favorite Hot Drink: Tea... Gotta love a nice cuppa tea when it's cold and yucky outside!
Favorite Cold Drink: Shandy. On hot summer days, after a long hard day in the office there is nothing better than a cold glass of shandy - that's lemonade and beer, if you have no idea what a shandy is.
Favorite Food: Crisps. The crunchier the better... Doesn't matter on flavour either!
Favorite Clothing: Jeans, I live in Jeans. I dress them up, I dress them down, but I am always in jeans!
Favorite Number: 6
Favorite Letter: E
Favorite Place: Home. No matter where I go, it is always nice to come back home!
Favorite Season: Autumn... Love the colours and the feeling of snuggling up when it's getting colder.
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Favorite Sports Team: To be honest I can't say that I give much of a crap about Sports. I used to play Rugby at school and will occasionally sit with my dad to watch a  game featuring the London Wasps - I'll go with that LOL!
Favorite Fantasy Creature: Fairies or Zombies - I have a thing about both. I love vampires too but if I could choose I'd be a Zombie Fairy!
Favorite Hobby: Reading, or blogging... Blogging is addictive but reading is more relaxing. I love curling up with a good book...
Favorite Song: Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie!

That's my list... I'd love to see yours!


  1. Awesome tidbits about yourself! ♥ Thanks for sharing! xoxo, Cara

  2. OK now you HAVE to make a zombie fairy avatar :3

  3. Loved reading this, Rudh! I made sure not to read anyone else's memes before I did mine, just so I wouldn't be influenced (I do the same things with movie reviews hehe) and it's funny to see how much you have in common with someone when you go to read them after!

    And I second the zombie fairy avatar! DO IT! :D