Friday, October 12, 2012

A Dragon Queen's Raven Crown

Sometimes I spend so long looking at myself I wonder what else I am missing... I don't know about anyone else but I seem to spend a vast amount of time looking at my dolly and tweaking her to perfection. If it was RL, the amount of time I'd spend looking at myself would boil down to an extreme case of vanity - I guess the same could be said about it in SL too... 
Yet sometimes - usually when I venture out of hiding from the garden - other people provide a definite pull of my attention. I love seeing how different people have their own style, and things that would look terrible on me suit their avatar and personality in such a way that only a "WOW" would suffice! 
Now you may have heard me talking about my big sister Fledge in numerous other posts, but after seeing her latest glamourous look, I knew I couldn't resist working on a photo of her. 
My big sister is one of those people that pulls off looking exotic, somewhat eccentric and flamboyant on a daily basis. Seeing her in jeans and a human skin is beyond weird, and causes much discussion amongst our SL family whenever it happens, I will admit that seeing her looking extravagant definitely brings a smile to my face. This dress complete with feather stole and amazing headdress from Purple Moon, is exactly the kind of outfit that Fledge wears best. I can't think of anyone that can pull a look off like this with such ease.
This picture took a fair amount of work, it was taken when we were out looking at some new land she was thinking of renting, but after I cut her out of the background - which took a LOT longer than it should, freaking feathers LOL - fitting it all together was pretty easy... Sorry there will be no more details about what she's wearing in this outfit - if you want to know something specific please ask and I'll try to find out. It was fun to work on a photo of someone else for a while, and Fledge I'm glad that you like it! I think that it perfectly radiates the glamour that seems to pour off you - this is what I see when I look at you!!!

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    You made me feel so happy and a bit humble that you'd actually like one of my outfits enough to go to all this creative trouble *^.^*

    Especially now I read that the feathers were so much effort *g* You're really skilled at cropping, I'd say you are a photoshop queen! And I just love the backdrop you've chosen for me, suits me down to the ground.

    Thank you so much again! *Huggles*