Sunday, October 14, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 42

TEN WEEKS TO GO... oh my life we are on the downward slope to the finish line already. I remember this time in the last challenge, it seemed to be a long way off, little did we realise how fast that finish line approaches... You do realise of course that this also means Christmas isn't too far off as well... Crazy to think that huh?! 
This week's colour wasn't a good one to do - at first for me at least - I shuddered in horror when I realised that the colour was very very close to a previous colour we've had I'd say a couple of times now - but then I guess that's what makes it a challenge - can't always have it easy! I did get marginally frustrated that I had nothing to wear in my wardrobe, but then I remembered a crazy but pretty dress I'd stashed away in one of my folders - a gift from a friend who'd suggested it would be cute for the colour challenge. I tried it on and was amazed that some of the highlighting in the flowers was actually the right colour... A happy dance followed... 
Week 42 - Cosmic
Week 42: Every little thing she does is magic!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Magician Hair in Orchid
Skin: KOSH - Halloween Skin Sugar Skull 3
Eyes: IKON - Witch Eyes in Vanity
Necklace: ellabella - Phase Brenda
Tattoo: CoLLisions - Mab's Apprentice
Dress: Gumi's Bad Box - Pris Prim Flower Dress in purple
Table, Chair and Pose: Schadenfreude - Web Fortune Teller Chair

So I went with something a little, borderline, Halloweenish this week... I am really getting in the mood - I FREAKING LOVE HALLOWEEN! Something a little magical to spread some Halloween magic, and hey it's not a zombie look either, I am so proud of myself hehe! 
Next Week - Ghost White


  1. Love Halloween too, it's my favorite SL time.
    Could you see the future?LOL

  2. borderline halloweenish .. how super those words for this )) I can imagine you are proud about this )))
    The future is may be a third challenge?

  3. I adore that photo! Such a beautiful shot, you can tell my fortune anytime.

  4. Borderline Halloweenish? I shudder to think what will happen when you go all-out-halloweenish! I wonder what magic spell you're casting :)

  5. That is an awesome - and spooky! - magician. I LOVE the skin. I didn't know KOSH had done Halloween skins! And the hat :) You might not be a zombie but you are certainly not human and Dean has his eye on you AGAIN (also if he polishes those weapons any more they might just disintegrate). You should get together some time with my bright turquoise neko mystic heheh.