Sunday, August 12, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 33

Can you actually believe that we only have 20 weeks of the colour challenge left this year... Blimey Christmas is coming faster than I ever thought possible! I personally don't know how I managed to get to this point lol, I never thought that I would do this challenge once but twice WOAH!!! I always thought I would get bored during the first round and stop, I am actually feeling pretty impressed with myself and even more impressed with the creativity of my fellow colour bloggerettes!
This weeks colour was HARD though, I mean it's borderline pinkish similar to colours we've had before, and it is a colour that I own VERY little of. I mean OK it calls itself a purple and I guess in some lights it could be seen as such but I was like 'ARGHHHHHHH' when I saw the little colour box that Luna had shown for the new colour. 
Needless to say I dug into my Crazy Ass Hair folder AGAIN! What came out of it was some kinda weird candy demon - as Fledge suggested by the way, prior to that I had no idea lol I was just wearing random hair - and so I went with it!!
Week 33 - Tyrian Purple
Week 33: Gimme all your candy!

What is she wearing;  
Hair: GaNKeD - Space Vomit Hair (can't find the store)
Skin: No Longer Available
Eye Make-Up: h.m.a.e.m - Trocadero (on upper eyelids), AND, [ni.ju] - Kumi in Purple (on lower eyelids and cheeks) 
Lipstick: KOSH - Drama Lips in Berry 
Necklace: PIDIDDLE - Necklature 
Dress: Retro' - Dress Mesh in Pink 
Ring: GaNKeD - Robyn Knuckles in Purple (can't find the store)

I procrastinated a lot this week too when it came to writing this, for some reason I just felt like I couldn't do it. I was able to blog other things but just sitting down to write my colour challenge post felt like a challenge in itself! Weird huh? Oh and dammit, it actually seems pinker than it should be... I guess this week I feel like I made a colour challenge fail LOL! It was originally a LOT darker looking than this! I promise!
Next Week -Russett


  1. haha although you struggled a bit, the outcome is realy super. And i must confess mine is also more going to red then to purple ..hehe.. it is a challenge :)so we need not be perfekt always isn't it? i enjoyed your post very much.

  2. *puts sunglasses on* WOW that's bright! But... I love it!

    Awesome picture! That Crazy Ass Hair folder of yours is just amazing :)

  3. Nice purple! Love this crazy hair, looks like me in the morning :p

  4. You and your Crazy Ass Hair folder, lol! But that is a really eye-popping picture. So cool :)

  5. you know I'm not much into those pinkish/purplish colours ... but you made this look soooo sweet ... kinda ... must be all that yummy candy stuff ... *grins*
    and that Medusa hair style is simply to love ... why does hair like this end up in your CAH-folder ... I'd wear it even in RL ... but alas .... my rather thin hair has this boring 'down to earth' ... or 'down to my butt' touch ... ;-)
    Love that pic ;-)

  6. AAAAH NUUUU it's the candy demon, Bean run awaaaaay!

    Is a good look, the hair and makeup are great :)

  7. In spite of your struggle you got closer to the shade than I did and you did it in such a fun, funky fashion. Love it!