Monday, August 27, 2012

Today I Am 6

Looking at my diary, whilst sitting at work today, I realised that TODAY I AM 6...
I've been using Rudh as a form of entertainment for 6 years now - logging into the crazy world of SL. I've only ever had one avatar - I sometimes wish that I could be one of these people that juggles numerous different accounts, but then at the same time I realise that it could be more of a headache than an escape. This however, does mean that it is my 6th year of my one Secondlife, which I guess in itself could be seen as some kind of achievement - although investment might be a better term to use considering how much time and effort I've invested into my Barbie Doll.
I've met many people - some I've loved, some I've learnt from, some I want to just forget - I've bettered myself by learning new skills and even things about myself that I didn't know. My sister, my best friends and even my partner are all straight from SL and this "game" has even caused me to change my life dramatically, packing up and moving to be with Hell in RL! You don't get this kind of roller coaster ride too often in RL without something like SL giving you a kick up the butt as a starter... So if anyone ever asked me, would I think that I've been wasting my time by playing a game like SecondLife, I would answer with a resounding NO! Sure maybe I should have done things a little differently, spending more time in my RL, but at the end of the day I have some amazing friends, am a little stronger, found the love of my life and have begun developing my skills almost like an artist by playing around with SL photography and Photoshop. I don't believe that there has been time wasted at all, maybe I did things differently to the way that other people live their lives - my mum especially tells me so all the time - but then I'm content and, maybe just maybe, SL is a stepping stone to growing up and getting my working the way I want it?!
LOL PFT who am I kidding... ME, Grow up? LOL Sorry I cracked myself up! 
I thought about making a pretty picture to go with this post, but then I figured 'hmmm, why not make a Rudh collage instead', means I can share some of the randomness that normally lurks deep in my harddrive SL photos folder! 
(F.Y.I - I know that some of these photos are REALLY bad, but then times have changed and for the longest time I wasn't really that bothered with trying to improve my photo skills, OH AND things have definitely got prettier SL wise LOL!)


  1. gefeliciteerd ook van mij Rudh.. you are super..and the story is so well-know for die-hards in sl. The ups and downs and sure NO WASTE of time!!!