Saturday, August 25, 2012

An August Horror Haute Bedtime

I seem to look forward to the last week of the month when the macabre event is released and designers join forces to unleash their dark wares. Since being asked to stay on as one of the blogging team I find myself chomping at the bit waiting to see what goodies are released and this month the items are AWESOME, I am kinda stuck as to how to put things all together LOL.
Two very different dresses have been released this week, and I may try to use both - one will follow later - but this first dress just caught my imagination. 
It comes with a top hat, but I was automatically pulled towards teaming the dress with the hat that is part of the Wasabi Pills Magician hair. From there though for some reason I ended up bringing out Rudh's dormant vampire side. I've been a vampire for a long time now, but never really bothered with that side of my SL due to the fact that it kinda became a craze for a while due to the bloodlines game.
The dress is so fun, and so very cute too. Available in 4 different colours, each with blood dribble detail - which maybe the reason that I went vampire as she gets drawn out around blood! - I have a feeling that I will be seen in these dresses more in the near future, they are just too cute to bury in my hoard lol. 
 Just a little close up photo so that the awesome armband tattoos from Hysteria and the chest tattoo with piercing from CoLLisions are more visible... All these things may be making this my favourite Horror Haute look yet!

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Magician in Rouge
Skin: REPULSE - Vampire Skin
Fangs: [ni.ju] - Chain Chomp Piercing
Choker: NeverMore - Love in Idleness in Wrath
Chest Tattoo & Piercing: CoLLisions - Machiavellian (HORROR HAUTE AUGUST)
Arm Tattoos: Hysteria - On my arms in cross 1 (HORROR HAUTE AUGUST)
Dress: Souzou Eien - Kureji Loli Dress in Black (HORROR HAUTE AUGUST)
Bracelet: KOSH - EPIPHANY Bracelet in Inverted
Shoes: COCO - Ruffle Ankle Boots in Red
Coffin Pose Prop: GLITTERATI - The Coffin
Planters: KOSH - Ivy Amphora
Candles: (Left) Barnesworth Anubis - Trocadero Candle Trio, AND, (Right) LISP Bazaar - Candles Set (recoloured)

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