Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Horror Haute Tribute

Something about the Horror Haute always seems to bring out the depraved in me, normally I float along on a fluffy rainbow cuteness cloud, but then occasionally something draws out the darkness, and I will admit that this is a side of me that I love and fully embrace.
I find myself laughing sometimes, I've been asked in the past - and in RL too I might add - whether my love of black, gothic, macabre and heavy rock means that I am depressed! LOL I can tell you that if I start dressing SL as something that isn't either scary cute or scary dead then you know that there is something wrong with me, until that point I am doing OK!
Though the Horror Haute - and I have admitted this many times now - always brings out a creative darkside in me that impresses even myself sometimes. I had so much fun playing with the altar from NeverMore that I KNEW it would end up in one of my Horror Haute creations for this month, but I got lucky when I was able to find the summoning circle from nonino buried deep within my hoard - to be honest I'd forgotten it was even there.
Once I knew the prop that I was going to use and had picked out the other various Horror Hautey creations that I wanted to display I was onto a sure thing... The look fell together, I was like WOAH THIS NEVER HAPPENS!
The Altar includes 10 different static poses, perfect for use either as a posing prop or as an altar to lay out a fair maiden and sacrifice her to which ever spirit you wish to appease. I wonder if the SL Gods would accept tribute from here hehe... Might make life in SL a little easier, now if any willing victims would form an orderly queue maybe it is time for us to start appeasing the SL Gods hehe!!!

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Zoey in Ash
Skin: Mystic Canvass - Dreadna Skin (HORROR HAUTE AUGUST)
Necklace: House of Rain - Poisonous Friend
Arm Cuffs: InSpired Designs - I've Got Your Back with blood tattoos (HORROR HAUTE AUGUST)
Rings: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver 

Top: Tyranny Designs - Penniless Slave Outfit (NO LONGER AVAILABLE!)
Stomach Piercing: PIN ME DOWN - Pierce Me with blood tattoo (HORROR HAUTE AUGUST) Boots: COCO - Mesh Suede Boots in fur (cheapie, may have even been free!)
Altar: NeverMore - Badriyah Altar (HORROR HAUTE AUGUST)
Summoning Circle: nonino - Magical Circle 2011

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