Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Loonatic Original Movie... fROCK PRINCESs

It's been a year or so in the planning phase as we were originally going to get together to begin the creation process for another Loonatic Original Movie... We got together a couple of months ago and I did the work that was required of me LOL... Being fairly honest it's not really a lot of work, Maya tells me exactly what I am supposed to do, I show up and then leave her to the hard graft that goes into one of these movies... If we ever won an academy award - and with this one we might - the trophy would definitely have to sit on her mantlepiece hehe... 
Without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen... 
Maya I LOVEEEEEEE being a part of your movies, they are always so much fun and this one is definitely my favourite to date!  Narrated by the awesome DJ - UC, with a backing soundtrack from one of my favourite groups - HolyHell (although it is a cover of the original by Aerosmith). The epic tale of two rock queen wannabes kissing frogs is a must have in your movie collection hehe - beats the one that Disney made on the same theme a few years ago by a million miles. This movie even has a cameo appearance from James Hetfield of Metallica!
Check out the original post on Maya's blog, and show her a little appreciation - I think she REALLY deserves it for this movie... MAYA this is my favourite movie yet!

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  1. Hehe ... glad you like it ... I was already afraid you'd hit me for letting you kiss a frog ... *grins*
    and spank me ... I didn't know that is an Aerosmith song ... lol ... hadn't heard it before, but the HolyHell version has been on my mind since you mentioned it to me ... great song ;-)
    and believe it or not ... I already got tons of ideas for a new clip ... just wonder where to find the time ... lol ... and I'll have to make a clip for Hell first .. promised ;-)