Sunday, August 5, 2012

Walking with the Trees

One of my favourite places to go find some awesomely interesting to add to my hoard is the blog, Virtual Vagabond... I look there every day to see what goodies, it's author - SpaceCase Munster - seems to dig up some amazing goodies, through her own investigations and via the discoveries of others there is always something interesting to be found here! 
Today she posted an 'I-MUST-HAVE'... 
The Ent Travelseat is available from OMC, at the low cost of 45L... It was something that I couldn't turn down. The beauty carries you around and helps the weary traveler though the forests of SL. The eyes and gentle glow she gives off, give a kind of eerie feel to the Ent in the darkness, but in daylight she makes me feel serene hehe. 
I need to go to bed, I'm falling asleep, but I just had to share her!!!


  1. Yay! Yay! I'm glad you got one too!

  2. HAS TO HAVE *might possibly go invisible and just pretend to BE the Ent...*

  3. OMG I HAS A TREE! 2 trees actually because I also nabbed the floating winter island. Might go get the summer one too some time. Looked VERY HARD at the micro flower fairy too but the thing I don't like about micros is that you're a bit limited how you can dress them up.