Sunday, August 19, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 34

This was one of those weeks when at first I thought YAY a colour that's not a range of pink, aqua or buttery yellow! Little did I realise that it would give me a bit of a headache trying to find something that I would be happy using as my colour outfit! MY CRAZY ASS HAIR FOLDER LET ME DOWN!!! I am majorly disappointed in the folder for not being there for me, holding some hidden gem... So I kinda cheated LOL! I found something that fitted the colour, although there wasn't much of it on display, then I built the background up to fit the colour LOL! This is gonna have to be the 52WOCC2 Background Edition LOL - even that I cheated on too because the giant teddy needed to be modded to fit the colour hehe! I was going for a weird Teddy Bear Army look, but then I kinda ended up with something more like me sitting on a TeddyBear throne... Maybe I helped win the war and they made me their leader? Kinda looks a bit darkly dominatorishly evil... Maybe it's my staring eyes! LOL...
Week 34 - Russett
Week 34: Like A Teddy Bear Horror Story!
What is she wearing; 

Ears: Atomic - Panda Ears (Worn with tail, not visible!) 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Brrree in Ash 
Eye Wound: REPULSE - Clawed Eye Mask 
Face Mask: Rotten Defiance - White Bear Mask 
Top: amerie's NAUGHTY - Girlish Army Jacket in Red 
Necklace: CONCRETE FLOWERS - Grandads Old Compass (Store Closed In-World but available on the Marketplace!)
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Red/Gold 
Pants: KOSH - Linen Shorts in Chestnut  
Boots: hoorenbeek - Military Boots in Loose Used Brown 
Bears: (Shoulder) Sugar - miNi i-Loo Pet in Golden, (Giant Bear in Background) Curio Obscura - Teddy Scare, (Left Foot)  No Longer Available!
Pose: GLITTERATI - Floor Cushion in baroque (available at Collabor88 until Sept 7th) 

I was advised to try taking this picture in a higher resolution than I might normally... It seems to have worked well at cutting out the pixelation on the edges of the photo, so thanks Lynnieloo for the tip... More tips will always be appreciated! I really want to improve my SL Photography! 
Next Week - Feldgrau


  1. haha the teddy bear army look... super idea. we wrap all the army men in bear clothings and off they go.. can't shoot or harm anybody.. the solution of all problems in the world and We make you Queen Rudh on your throne for this great idea!!!no war just teddybears!!!!

  2. LOL! Teddy bear storytime. What a great idea of using a background for the color this week. I to had a hard time trying to pull an outfit together, nothing was matching. LOVE your idea, I just might steal it! xoxoox

  3. With these bears "The teddybears's picnic" must be a rather scary event! Love your creative take on Russett :)

  4. LOL great pic, I think the bear chair has a more disturbing look than you but there is definitely some kind of leader thing going on there! Those two front bears have been in the wars poor things. I want to know who you were fighting. Dolls? Next pink you should be leader of the Doll Army!