Sunday, August 5, 2012

52WOCC2 - Week 32

One of the things that I love most about the colour challenge, is the way that different people get affected by the colours. This week I groaned inwardly, it was a yellow - don't get me wrong I love yellow, it's such a summery colour - but this was one that was so very similar I felt sure it was the same as Dandylion even Unmellow Yellow... Fledge seemed to find this one a little easier, but turns out the Chirag colour finder thingie that we both use had suggested that it was a slightly different tone, she'd gone with that one but even that was equally difficult for me... I was at a dead end.
Then, there as always, my Crazy Ass Hair Folder was shining, calling to me like the mermaids called to the sailors... You never know what you will find in my Crazy Ass Hair folder, but I thoroughly recommend that everyone should have one, they prove to be lifesavers in situations like this hehe!
This time the butterflies matched the colour perfectly and in that second it was on my head and rezzed in properly this week's picture had sprung to life in my head... 
Week 32 - Jonquil
Week 32: Glowing Butterfly Trails
What is she wearing;
Hair: Yasyn - Effervescent Chrysalis 

Mask: Mad' - Vindula Deione #5 (including orange eyeshadow) 
Eye Tattoo: White Widow - ABBH in Gold 
Jewellery: Purple Moon - Frozen Due Set 
Bodysuit: Leri Miles Designs - Catherine Body Suit in Gold 
Pose: Focus Poses - Model Set 23 
Rug: KOSH - Hokus Rug

Hell wasn't keen on this picture because of the plain look of the background, but I don't know for me there was just something about the way that Rudh has it behind her and the luminescent butterfly trails driftingly lazily around over the rug she's laying on. 
Next Week -Tyrian Purple


  1. oh so beautiful your picture Rudh! i like the contrast between the background and you with the rug and butterflies

  2. wow ... that's such a beautiful pic ...almost Jugendstil - Art Nouveau - like an artwork by Klimt ;-) ... love it !
    amazing how you can switch from superfunny to amazing beauty ...
    it never gets boring with your posts !!!!

  3. I love this, you're wearing my favourite hair from that hunt (which I still haven't had a chance to put on myself) and I thought I recognised the jewellery, another of my fave stores hehe. The butterfly trails are great and I love the composition of the one bu'fly over your eye and the makeup, makes it very artistic.

    I see you didn't go with my suggestion to crop out the body though and make it a head/arms shot. I have to say I would have done that because the top blends so much with the rug.

    Also ffs it can call itself purple all it wants but I know another pink when I see it and next week is jostling with the raspberries T.T I might look in my hats folder...

  4. That is a beautiful shot. I love the butterfly.

  5. Beautiful, True, it's like Klimt or Mucha paintings!

  6. A wonderful idea, thank goodness for the CAH folder! I guess I need to get one of those!

  7. I loved the butterfly trails! Beautiful job!
    PS..gotta make me a crazy ass hair folder!

  8. Never fails to amaze me, what you dig out of your crazy-ass hair folder. But you know what's my fave part of that picture? Your one open eye. Amidst everything going in in that image, I'm drawn to that one central point. Lovely work!