Saturday, April 2, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - Week 22!

The colour challenge, week 22, who'd have thought that I would still be here, religiously working every week to come up with an outfit that not only shows my own sense of style, but also matches with the colour swatch posted by Miss Luna... Most weeks I try to stick as close to this colour as possible, yet this week everything I tried on seemed to be a total miss match for the colour. Then as I was pulling on an outfit that seemed to be more of a banana-ish colour, the weirdest thing happened... 
A HUGE VANILLA ICE-CREAM DROPPED OUT OF THE SKY... It seemed to match the colour given by Miss Luna, and I knew it was a sign... Probably dropped from the building platform by Hell who was sick of me complaining that I couldn't find the right colour, but still a sign!
Week 22... 
Week 22: Once I had cleaned all the ice cream off my hair and skin then this was the look I was left with!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Exile - Elena (past TDR)
Lipstick: Kosh - Wet Lips
Necklace: Bliensen+MaiTai - Shooting Stars
Outfit: (sorry to say but I have NO IDEA where this stuff came from, I've had it for about 4 years now!)
Shoes: CONCRETE FLOWERS - I Scream Boots
Ice Cream: Trashtastic - Drown in Icecream Freebie

Next Week - ASPARAGUS... Well Luna did say that the next few weeks were open for interpretation lol!


  1. mmmmmhhhhh another tasty and super maniac banana post ...
    made me almost drop off my chair laughing ;-)
    you should have made Hell lick the icecream off you ...
    I bet that would have been fun too ;-)
    btw ... who's gonna clean the floor?
    erm ... maybe I can have what's left in the cone? ... pleeeeeeaaase

  2. awww I love it!
    I bet you didn't mind TOO much that a yummy ice cream just plopped right on you!

  3. hahaha love it! what a great post:) But I think Hell must have some other things on his mind if he is covering you in ice cream.*grins*

  4. Yummy! And it's totally banana mania! :)))

  5. HAHAHAHAHHAA...this is the best color match to banana mania I will see in the challenge!
    Super creative and a cute twist to your post! Love it!
    One thing for sure, this weekend, I am gonna get me a vanilla ice cream cone! LOL

  6. LOL this is great, I love the first picture!

  7. Hah! Awesome and hilarious! Wonderful job =D

  8. Ha ha, awesome prop -- I wish a giant ice cream would fall in my face IRL!

  9. Lol! Too cute! What a great post.

  10. hahaha you just got me in the mood for icecream ;)

  11. LOL. Love the post! Got any ice cream left you wanna share?