Monday, March 28, 2011

A severe case of Yoyoitus

Yoyoitus seems to be an affliction that affects everyone in SL at some point or another... Hell, our land guests and I have been suffering terribly with this problem for a few days now... People would come over and crash instantly, building has been a no-go area and even trying to get dressed in the morning has been a near impossibility. Yesterday, however, we discovered why.... Hell was in our garden taking in the scenery, when whilst camming around he spotted this, 
It would seem to me that our neighbour has started a horse farm...
Ok in the past Hell and I did have chickens in our garden, the Sion variety the first of the breedable type pets, they were laggy enough as each chicken had a couple of scripts, and we had ten but did reduce the number when asked... This lovely neighbour seems to have started a horse farm on residential land, they are only ever there to pick up stuff to take for sale it would seem, probably cos the lag is too high... they have 88 HORSES at last count, each with at least 14 scripts, and most of these are flipping pregnant... 
True Lag Reporter v1.0: Lag test starting....
True Lag Reporter v1.0: Sim Speed = 10.000000
True Lag Reporter v1.0: Sim 9.000000 times slower!
True Lag Reporter v1.0: Terrible
I understand that people love the breeding factor of these things, I used to love breeding the chickens, but seriously 88 highly scripted horses in a sim that is residential and where other people are present, is that really fair?


  1. O
    ...never could get into that breeding pet thing ...

  2. Thats Terrible..We've had the same problem next door to us, they had 50 of the bloody things. Try seeing if there is anything in the land covenant about breedable pets. A lot of residential estates don't allow them or have a number cap on how many you can have. If yours does you can speak to the owner or estate manager about it. Even if it dosen't I would speak to them anyway no reason you or anyone else who lives on that sim should have to deal with it for the sake of someones oversized ranch

  3. Sadly, horses gone, lag still here - even after Hell got them to reset the sim this evening. I have a theory. I noticed a few days ago that the sim was running Magnum, which is one of the beta clients they test on about 10% of sims before rolling out gridwide, largely with the consent of island owners. Maybe Magnum is interfering with all the scripts in the Grounds of Bonecrusher & Werewolf??? If that is the case, it's something serious that needs flagging up for LL - there are specific bug report forums for the beta clients and I think in light of this incident, it's worth considering.