Monday, April 25, 2011

The Red Eye Kingdom: A gothic accessorizers Paradise!

Not normally a store that would catch my attention, I was recently introduced to a place called The Red Eye Kingdom. It is a place that Hell has frequented for a while now, but recently it fell into my radar as H&C Wheels (Hell and Baco's store) has taken up residence in the sim to create the soon to be opened mainstore, all thanks to his friends, and the stores owners, Lazrith Fardel and Vallay Vavoom.
This place has pretty much EVERYTHING... Avatars, Horns, Cybernetics, Crowns, Weapons, Wings and MORE, it is likely gonna be one of those places that I keep for if I need something specific to accessorize a look... More on the gothic, fantasy, dark side of style, this place offers non highly priced, yet highly detailed goods, and if you are ever in need of any of the above I'd take a looksee!!!
One of the things I fell in love with and HAD to have was this oh so pretty crown! Beautifully created and in a range of colours, I was like GIMME!!!! Oh and yes I have been playing around in Photoshop still trying to learn... lol!

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  1. Oh..I LOVE the crown, and it is so very regal on you! Gonna have to ck this place out, thnx for sharing. xox